Quoting Quiverfull: Evolution Is Responsible For Racism?

Quoting Quiverfull: Evolution Is Responsible For Racism? August 10, 2015

quotingquiverfullby Ben Seewald from his YouTube video on how Christians are to respond to racism as reported by the Inquistr

Editor’s note: Ben brings in Dante Berry, an African American man, who advises that adults are to lead by example against racism and examine themselves to make sure they have no racist attitudes and adjust according. Not bad advice, except for one thing, in Quiverfull Evangelical and Fundamentalist camps there are almost no minorities or African Americans at all, just a token few like Voddie Baucham. The Seewald chimes in that people that believe in evolution are the real racist ones, claiming evolutionists believe that whites are superior to other races. Uh, I don’t mean to disrepect Mr. Seewald, but I have seen that belief more in fundamentalist Christians than in any evolution group. How invasive is that thinking? So much so that up until around 1977 the Mormon church did not allow blacks to join their church. A little real education could benefit Ben.

The sage advice is then followed with Ben Seewald noting that false religions and evolution could be to blame for the racial tension as evolution claims that some races are more evolved than others. However, Ben says that it is all nonsense and that in Christ we are all one and that we can’t fall for this “race war nonsense.”

Watch the video below:
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