Open Thread Election Day

Open Thread Election Day November 8, 2016

OpenthreadThe place to discuss this election and what you think on this historic day of voting.

Voted earlier today and saw a large turnout of Hispanic and African Americans for a change. No violence. Everything orderly and nice. No nasty threats, even the Trump supporters were behaving nicely. How about you?

Will keep adding to this post as election news comes in. Never have I been so happy to see the end of an election cycle before.

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  • Friend

    If you vote today, thank your poll workers!

    All was fine at my polling place. I appreciated the polite party volunteers outside who distributed sample ballots. Being a major fan of the secret ballot, I always take one of each. It’s interesting to see how each party states its recommendations about bonds, state constitutional amendments, etc.

    We should encourage as many US adult citizens as possible to vote. In my state, the only early voting is via absentee ballot, and I don’t want to lie about my availability on Election Day. However, my honesty cost me a chance to vote one year. I had been in poor health for months, and on Election Day I ended up in the emergency room until the polls had closed. One of my resolutions this year is to write to some state officials to request early voting.

  • Astrin Ymris

    In honor of the day, I’m recc’ing this again!

  • paganheart

    We have the option of voting by mail where I live (Arizona), and I take advantage of it. Ballots are typically mailed out about a month before the election, and I mailed mine back in about two weeks ago, so I don’t have to go anywhere near my polling place today. Given the number of crazy Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Google him, if you dare) supporters who live in my neighborhood, that’s probably a good thing.

    I like vote-by-mail because I can vote from the comfort of my desk, and take all the time I need to research all of the candidates and ballot initiatives thoroughly before I cast my vote. Sure beats standing in a long line at my polling place in often very warm temperatures; being accosted by obnoxious campaigners and demonstrators (who are free to be as obnoxious as they want here, so long as they stay a certain distance away from the actual polling place); and standing in a cramped voting cubicle in an over-air-conditioned church fellowship hall, trying to fill out my ballot card without being rushed. I actually had a rather disturbing incident back in 2004, when I was voting at my polling place about 30 minutes before the polls closed. I was trying to read through some voter initiative language and make up my mind, when one of the poll workers actually stood up and yelled “You people who are voting right now need to hurry up! We still have a bunch of people waiting! You’re taking way too long!” After that, I switched to vote-by-mail and never looked back.

    I actually have chorus rehearsal tonight, so I won’t be around to watch the election results come in. We tried to get our conductor to cancel rehearsal tonight, but no such luck. He’s going to be dealing with some pretty distracted singers. I’ve got a bottle of Jagermeister waiting for me in the freezer when I get home, to (hopefully) have a shot in celebration of a Clinton landslide….or in the event of a Trump victory, to get me blackout drunk as quickly as possible….

  • Mel

    I live in a rural precinct where the entire township votes in one place and there are rarely ever lines – but there was a line today.

    Things have been peaceful at our place – but Michigan has some pretty strict laws about avoiding electioneering at that polling place so that helps. Plus, the election officials are known to be people who would enjoy calling the cops to remove anyone who creates a headache – like you feel that that is their dream come true.

    Well, that and the fact that everyone is a blood relative and that the white employers of the Hispanic community have made it clear that if anyone so much as looks at them wrong, we’ll be sending our largest white guys over as bodyguards…and this will be attached to your family name forever…..

    Rural life: it’s weird and touching at the same time.

  • Olivia

    So ready for this to be over. I voted for Clinton, but it was a very difficult choice on my part as I intended to go 3rd party, but last moment decided Clinton. It is aggravating because My republican friends have been shocked and angry that I didn’t end up caving going Trump (I’m not sure what about #nevertrump they didn’t understand), and my Democrat friends are put out that my vote for Clinton was so unenthusiastic. It isn’t like I made some kind of ballot announcement, just the people I have discussed it with so far today.

  • Mel

    My in-laws are horrified that all of their children and kids-in-law refused to vote for Trump. (Well, they expected that I would vote Democratic because I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but usually I’m the only one…)

    They stopped talking politics with me this election cycle after I told them two things:
    1) I’ve never viewed it as a moral failing to vote for a Republican candidate previously – but voting for Trump is different.

    2) I have always promised myself that I would never be so self-centered as to be the person who voted for Hitler. God decided to call me on this one – and I am not voting for the only candidate in recent history who decided to take his campaign goals from Hitler. After all, I have to think about what kind of legacy I am leaving for my kid(s) and grandkids……

  • Julia Childress

    Election Day is one of my favorite days because going to my precinct to vote always reminds me of what a blessing it is to be an American. The rancor of this long election season all disappeared once I was within the walls of the school where I vote. The political voices were silenced, and while about 200 of us waited, we chatted and got to know each other. My precinct is very mixed in terms of ethnicity and economics, plus my neighborhood was badly hit by Hurricane Matthew. Some of the people in line (us included) lost many of our possessions, and we will move back into our houses when they have been restored. But we showed up to vote, and we show up to help each other each day as neighbors, without regard to anyone’s skin color, religion, gender or any other irrelevant factor. Hillary Clinton is right: Love Trumps Hate and we just can’t allow mistrust and hate to divide us.

  • I voted two weeks ago, the first day of early voting in our state. It took about 45 minutes, but the poll workers were very organized and helpful.

    Many of my family members are voting for Trump. I have some cousins who are Hillary supporters, but not my siblings. I don’t argue with them. They live in NY, which is a blue state anyway, whereas I live in a red state. Go figure.

  • Hannah

    Well, they say that about 5am GMT we’ll know if we all know to hide in bunkers for the next four years or not. I don’t trust the universe, we’ve got a Tory government over here and then there was the referendum result which means that the UK will be leaving the EU…So this would complete the unholy trinity, (or shower of shite, whichever you prefer.) Incidentally, Trump and that arse clown Nigel Farage are buddies, I don’t know which is worse, but I think that tells you all you need to know about the pair of them.

  • Allison the Great

    I voted on Oct. 28th. I went at 7:30 in the morning, there was no line and I was there for less than 10 minutes. It was awesome. I hate the attitudes surrounding this election. My family annoys me. My sister was saying Hillary will probably lose because she’s a crook and I can’t even with that statement. My sister did vote for Hillary, but when she says shit like that I’m just flabbergasted. How is Donald Trump not a crook?

  • AuntKaylea

    I confess that I am a silent, secret HRC voter. I have been active in the GOP for years – one of the moderate conservatives that have been pushed out of the party by Trump. (I tend to believe in fiscal responsibility, and limited government).

    My husband voted for Trump. (because he is a never-Hillary person).

    Not happy with just cancelling out his vote, I (again secretly) have encouraged 3 young women I know/work with who have never voted in their lives. I have helped them register to vote, as well as locate their polling place and they are voting for HRC as well.

    I also have to admit that I have never before been so sick as when I read about the Trump campaigns lawsuit about the people in line to vote in Nevada, and them protesting those in line being allowed to vote after the “closing time”. Every person who shows up at the polls in time and is registered should get to vote; so long as they are in line at the appropriate time. This is sacred to our system. If we do not have this, we have nothing. I find this protesting of people voting that were in line because of their ethnicity sick.

    I was a part of the GOP when we were about freedom and responsibility. But I cannot be a part of the party of Trump.

  • Julia Childress

    I find it very sad that it’s now impossible to be a moderate republican. Prior to this election, it looked like the more sensible/moderates were beginning to fight back. That’s one of the more scary prospects of a Trump presidency, the validation of extremism. If Clinton wins, I think eventually the moderates will rise again.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I said several times this election season that I wish the Republicans had run Jon Huntsman or someone else likely to work with both sides. It’s sad.

  • zardeenah

    Looking at platforms and voting records, it seems like rightwards Democrats are closer to the Republicans of 30+ years ago than even one (famous) Republican now.

    I mean Nixon was for federal health care and subsidized child care, for heaven’s sake!

  • ShinyZubat

    I agree, it was a very difficult choice for me as well. I was never going to vote for Trump, but the other options weren’t exactly appealing to me either. I haven’t dared to ask my other friends and family who they’re all voting for. I just don’t want to know.

  • Joy

    AuntKaylea, would you say there are a lot of secret Hillary voters?

  • Joy

    If, God forbid, Hillary loses, then I’d welcome all Hillary supporters to move to Canada. You will be welcomed here!

    Every time I see a Trump supporter threatening to move to Canada, I laugh and laugh and laugh. They’d hate it here!

  • AuntKaylea

    I don’t know. I would say that women in Texas that I know are not voting for Trump. But Texas is SO red.

  • Allison the Great

    I might take you up on that offer.

  • TLC

    I may be contacting you. The Canadian Immigration website crashed tonight.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Well this seals it. Within 90 days we’re going to be either in Costa Rica, Columbia or Uruguay.