Fundraising For NLQ’s Vyckie Garrison and Patheos Author Pat Green

Fundraising For NLQ’s Vyckie Garrison and Patheos Author Pat Green December 14, 2018
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It seems that lately I’ve had many worthy fundraisers cross my desk. Requests for help seem to multiple during the darkness that surrounds our nation right now. I know money is tight and the holidays are upcoming but here are a few requests if you can spare a bit.

First up, NLQ Founder Vyckie Garrison is in a spot of difficulty. As you may know she married and moved to the Pacific Northwest some time ago. Sadly things have not worked out well and Vyckie is in urgent need of funding to leave and start the process of divorce.

From her Go Fund Me Page:

This project is to raise money to help the amazing Vyckie Garrison, who you may know as the founder of No Longer Quivering ( ) and someone who has personally come to the aid of more people than we can count.  She has done so much for women and their children to escape spiritual abuse as well as raised awareness by speaking and writing about this issue for many years.

Vyckie has helped so many women to escape bad situations over the years and now she desperately needs our help to get herself and her children to safety. We are hoping to raise enough for her to move to a safe location as soon as possible and to hire a divorce lawyer for her protection.

The logistics involved in all this are very complicated and we need to get funds together immediately to get Vyckie to safety. She is not used to being in need of financial support, she is usually the one to reach out and help others but things are very scary right now and this is urgent. She and her children are at risk. Thank you very much for your help.

She has helped so many through the years and is in desperate need of help herself at this time. Please consider a gift in this holiday season. Here is her Go Fund Me page.

If you are not in the United States and cannot give through her Go Fund Me page please contact NLQ through our Facebook page messages or email me at for information on sending her  a donation through Paypal.


The other fund raiser is for another writer for the Patheos Non-Religious section – Pat Green. He is the author of the Patheos blog TransParent Expedition. He is unable to work at this time because he is undergoing intensive mental health treatment for depression.

More about Pat’s needs from his Go Fund Me page.

A dear friend of mine and a former pastor, Pat Green, is in a serious crisis.

He is the devoted father of a trans child and fiancé to a wonderful woman who, due to a disability, relies on Pat for support. Pat has struggled, as so many former pastors have, with finding adequate employment, and now on top of everything else, he is in a serious mental health crisis. He has been told to take 6 weeks off work. Meanwhile, he has been served an eviction notice because he has fallen behind on his rent. On top of that he will miss six weeks of income. After that he needs $2000 for a training and certification program that will get him into a good career and back on his feet providing for his family as he longs to do.

Pat is one of the founding members of the Life After God community and has been a great source of strength to me in my journey. Now he needs our help. I’ve long hoped that post-theistic community could be the sort of community that would come through in pinch and support a brother or sister in need!

Please help me keep our friend in his housing during this holiday season. Any amount will help!

While you’re at it, check out Pat’s blog  where he describes his journey as a TransParent.

As you can see the needs here are very serious. Pat is a wonderful individual having a rough time right now during what can be one of the hardest times for those leaving the clergy, or dealing with spiritual abuse – Christmas.

Please give generously at Pat Green’s Go Fund Me page.

Thank you for your help.

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