If You’ve Been Banned


So you’ve been banned by the Moderator at NLQ and you’re not happy about it.

First, you need to ask yourself what did you do to do violate the clearly posted Comment Policy? Was this merely a bad day and you’re not going to do it again? Everyone has those in life.

The reason we have rules in place for the comments that are very strictly enforced is because many of the readers and commenters at NLQ are themselves in recovery from spiritual abuse and having to deal with abusive attitudes and language in the comments might actually trigger or hurt one of them.

You can try and appeal to the Moderator via email Suzanne.calulu(at)gmail(dot)com. Perhaps you’ll catch me in a festive and forgiving mood and you’ll be unbanned.

But you do send an email asking to be unbanned keep in mind that the same person that banned you is the same person that will be receiving your email. So don’t try to play innocent or blame the Mod. There have been emails that have landed in the Moderator’s email box minutes after she’s banned someone where the bannee is calling the banning Mod dirty names, claiming innocence and demanding the Mod be fired, never dreaming they’re emailing the same person that banned them. If that happens the Mod just sighs and says, ‘Nope’ without answering your email followed by banning your IP addy and your email address. Don’t be that person.

Contact the mod at Suzanne.calulu@gmail.com or through NLQ’s Facebook page.

If you need to reach someone about our Quoting Quiverfull feature please read this first.