Steven Anderson Supporters Comment Policy

So you find yourself here because you follow, support and love hate pastor Steven L. Anderson. Bully for you. Whatever floats your particular dingy.

But if you come to NLQ to tell us that we’re the evil for pointing out the obvious here are some things you should know. You will be banned if you…

  • Call someone else a name, be it moderator, writer or other commenter.
  • Attack the grammar, spelling or other mistake the writer may have indulged in.
  • Promise hell fire and damnation on anyone else.
  • Promote homophobia, racism or other types of isms.
  • Behave in an entitled manner, or flounce around like an offended Victorian lady clutching her pearls chewing the scenery. Heaven forfend!

If, if you are here to dispute anything we may have said you do not agree with  please use respectful terms and words. We are a recovery community and do not tolerate any  behaviors that may impact someone’s recovery process. You will be banned, and your content moved over to Jerks 4 Jesus so everyone can see how ridiculous you are. Please do not be ‘That Guy’

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