Religious Hate Group Lashes Out At My Article, Curses My Mom With Breast Cancer

Religious Hate Group Lashes Out At My Article, Curses My Mom With Breast Cancer July 15, 2018

Earlier this month, I reported on a YouTube video posted by an extremist religious group in which members say “the Messiah” will come back and kill black women “in masses.”

The people in the video belong to a denomination of the extremist Hebrew Israelite movement that believes black people, Native Americans, and Hispanics are God’s true “Chosen People.” They think white people are the seeds of Satan, but also claim they aren’t racist (Yes, I’m serious).

It turns out this fundamentalist group didn’t like my article, in which I directly quote their elder, because there are now about 20 video responses. The various members, from all across the U.S., called me a “parasite” and “the devil” and everything in between.

In true cult style, all the videos begin with an incredibly similar introductory prayer. They also all target me personally, saying I’m evil and that I’m going to be punished by God. They say white people, including me, are “Edomites,” or descendants of Esau, and are cursed. I wonder if they know about Deuteronomy 23:7, which forbids Israelites from hating the Edomites.

Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land. (Deuteronomy 23:7)

I won’t be able to respond to all of these videos for obvious reasons, but favorite is from a member of the group out of Washington state. He says I lied about them being a “hate group,” despite admitting to hating “Caucasians” because they were oppressors throughout history. He also blamed me for what they assume are the crimes of my ancestors, using my Scottish last name as evidence of evil (ignoring that I’m not genetically related to ancestors who share my last name).

“Who’s this author? Who’s this guy making this article? It turns out that his name is David G. McAfee… he’s an Edomite, appears to be an Edomite. His last name, McAfee, could be Scottish or Irish, but he doesn’t believe anyway. He’s a non-believer, which is pretty much an atheist.”

After astutely deducing I’m “pretty much an atheist” and declaring that I’m an Edomite based on my last name, he calls me an opportunist and says his hate for me is justified.

The hate that we have, to our oppressors, is rightfully justified. My ancestors were destroyed by his ancestors, whether or not they are here in America, hey, look: you’re an Edomite. Your people destroyed my people… you’re not even trying to correct the mistakes of your forefathers.”

Ironically, he goes on to defend the practice of slavery as it is described in the Bible (as opposed to what was practiced in the United States). He points to Exodus 21:2, which says that “if thou buy a Hebrew servant,” he shall go free after six years unless he chooses not to leave. Again, he’s conveniently forgetting another section of Exodus later in that exact same chapter:

And if a man smite his servant, or his maid, with a rod, and he die under his hand; he shall be surely punished. Notwithstanding, if he continue a day or two, he shall not be punished: for he is his money. (Exodus 21:20 -21)

Yes, there were people in the United States who practiced slavery as it was described in the Bible. Does that make it any more right? Of course not. It means the Bible is wrong just like they were.

He ends the video by calling me a “parasite” and, of course, cursing my family.

Curses upon you, your mother, your father. I hope your mother catches that same breast cancer that that article you wrote about, that black salve, I hope that takes her over. I hope your father has a severe disease, as well, in the name of YAHAWAH… I hope the Messiah begins to plague your ass.”

You can watch his video in entirety here (but it’s insane):

Here are just a few of the other video responses I found, including a couple that got more than 2,000 views.

A screenshot from one of the many videos that personally attack me.
A screenshot from one of the many YouTube videos that personally attack me.

Their initial video spoke for itself. The members talked about how women are weaker than men, saying they had no “physical power,” “spiritual power,” or “mental power.” It also said that God will hurt and kill women who are disobedient – even “righteous” women.

These are pretty straightforward, sexist ideas that have existed forever, but members of the group pushed back on that characterization in their videos. I watched almost every one of them and, although they all called me a liar, none of them could point to how I lied. In fact, they supported everything I said in my article with passages from the Bible, as if that made it better at all.

They pointed to scriptures that show they are justified in their hatred, and in their treatment of women as second-class citizens (or worse). Instead of showing that they weren’t bigoted, they pointed to Bible verses that seem to (in their minds) justify their bigotry. They pointed to Matthew 10:34, which says Jesus “came not to send peace, but a sword,” but completely disregarded loving verses like John 13:35:

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. (John 13:35)

The best part is that these video responses mostly support their arguments using the Bible, as if I didn’t know that the Bible contains violent and unjust passages. Guess what, guys? I understand the Bible has bigoted ideas… that’s because it was written thousands of years ago and shouldn’t be used as a reference point in modern times.

Pointing to the Bible to justify your shitty behavior doesn’t do anything when someone doesn’t believe it. You need to understand that I don’t believe in God, or in the divinity of the Bible, or any supernatural nonsense.

All I see is a group of people who don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, and need a place to channel their hate. It’s time to step up and realize you can’t live life by an ancient text, especially when there are contradictory passages to just about everything you can find in it. I wish you all the best of luck in your hate-filled endeavors, and with making videos based on this article.


Stay Skeptical,

David G. McAfee

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