The Diabolical Agents of Satan. Who Do You Work For?

The Diabolical Agents of Satan. Who Do You Work For? May 15, 2024

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Despite my adversities, I have been reminded of the fortune of still being alive. Over the years, I have experienced a persistent malevolence with certain people akin to the presence of devils. Still, I believe I am here to bear witness to these experiences. It is evident that evil exists in various manifestations, and we are entangled in a spiritual battle on this earthly plane. It is imperative to make conscientious choices. Rather than succumbing to fear, wisdom should guide our decisions. Trust in your intuition and above all, maintain faith in the protection offered by God Almighty and the Holy Spirit.

Agents of Satan, The Sinister Path, Order of Nine Angles

Sadly, there are children from around the world who are influenced by their parents or culture to adhere to the beliefs associated with Satan/Lucifer.

In 2021, a young man named Cameron Shea gained notoriety as a prominent leader of a notorious group called Atomwaffen However, his actions were far from praiseworthy. Shea and other group members were convicted of hate crimes against journalists, and reporters of color, and conspiring to attack the federal government. Shea was released from prison early and now goes by the name Cameron Wilder. He practices the Sinister Path or O9a and is known for having a menacing reputation.

Press release. Department of Justice

Anima Noira High Priestess

A Deal with the Devil

During my research into the occult, I became briefly acquainted with Anima during her provocative online discussions about her childhood, magic, lucifer and the demonic. Anima’s father dedicated her to Satan when she was child under the guise of Catholicism. Today she considers herself the Bride of Satan and also the Queen of Hell as Lucifer promised her the title of Queen if she can recruit as many people as possible to follow HIM.

Cameron and Anima are members of a global community that practices the worship of Satan. Ordinarily, adherents of the dark arts hold similar beliefs but may have differing levels of commitment to Satan. With that said, there are individuals that are dedicated to Satan and are willing to serve HIM, declaredly trading their soul for fame, fortune and power.

Recruited to work for the Devil at the age of 12

Jeremy King, a former Satanic priest, was recruited at the age of 12. His parents, acquainted with the neighbors, were unaware that many were part of a secretive group. Often, young Jeremy would spend the night at his friend’s house. Tragically, he soon found himself participating in pornographic videos that were distributed in the underground market for the following decade. Ultimately, Jeremy rose to the position of High Satanic Priest and recruited people at Bohemian Grove that were willing to sell their souls to Satan for Fame.

Similarly, John Rameriz was also recruited into the occult at the age of 12. John watched his father beat his mother and worship the gods of Santeria in his living room. In years to come, John would find himself working for the devil accepting heinous assignments given by Satan.

Their testimonies are available on YouTube.

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