Share Your Story, Information, or Ideas (updated 11/11/11)

Share Your Story, Information, or Ideas (updated 11/11/11) January 23, 2011

The Staff of Asclepius is currently accepting guest posts. If you’d rather discuss your story through an email interview, I want to hear from you, too.

Send email to tara.miller21(at)

The Staff of Asclepius is an on-line blog for Pagans with mental, emotional, or physical impairments or who are in recovery from major injuries or addiction, or part of the Deaf or Blind community. It’s a place to share how a spiritual and magical life gives us strength or peace through all of life’s joys and struggles. There are also news updates and interviews with Pagans and experts on various topics affecting the community. Read more about the Staff of Asclepius at

Some points to consider when thinking about your true story:

How has Paganism aided your journey toward healing?

Did you struggle with your beliefs?

What rituals and practices were most beneficial?

Was there a specific deity you relied on?

How does the Pagan community, if at all, accommodate you either on-line or in person at events?

Was there a member of the clergy, such as a Priest or Priestess, available to visit with you at home or in the hospital?

There is other information to include that isn’t specifically Pagan such as what your hospital visit or physical rehabilitation was like.


Original unpublished, in print or on-line, essay.
1000 – 3500 words
Cite references if quotes or other sources are used.
Check for correct punctuation, grammar and spelling to the best of your ability.

Please send submissions by email in the body of the message or as an attachment. Subject “Staff of Asclepius submission”.

If you don’t mind telling your story via interview, simply let me know in an email.

Tara “Masery” Miller

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