Finsbury Park Mosque Attacker Is White Christian Terrorist

Finsbury Park Mosque Attacker Is White Christian Terrorist June 19, 2017

Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Park mosque attacker, is a white Christian terrorist and a supporter of the far right Britain First party.

CNN reports:

The driver of the van that plowed into pedestrians near a mosque in north London is being named as Darren Osborne, 47, a resident of Cardiff in Wales, according to multiple UK media outlets.

One man died and 10 people were injured in the assault, the latest in a series of terror attacks to hit the UK this year.

Witnesses to the horrific terrorist attack report that Osborne made his motivation clear by screaming:

I’m going to kill all Muslims!

The Guardian reports Osborne followed leaders of the far right Britain First party on Twitter. The mission statement for the party states:

We will restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life as it has been for the last one thousand years.

Muslim Welfare House CEO Toufik Kacimi said that after the attack Osborne shouted at the crowd of Muslims leaving the mosque:

I did my bit, you deserve it.

Describing the attack, Hussein Ali told that Osborne “chose to get as much casualties as possible; he came exactly at the time to get as much people as he wanted”.

More from The Guardian:

Regulars at the Hollybush pub close to his home told how he became very drunk on Saturday night. One said: “He got chucked out as he was so drunk. He was cursing Muslims and saying he would do some damage.”

The Metropolitan Police report Osborne is currently “being held on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder.”

At the time of his arrest, while waiting in a police van, Osborne was apparently “blowing kisses” to the angry crowd surrounding him. Heavy reports:

Witnesses on scene say he was blowing kisses and laughing at those standing outside of the van.

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the Finsbury Park terrorist attack, declaring:

Hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed.

Darren Osborne, White Christian Terrorist (Image via YouTube)
Finsbury Park Mosque Attacker Darren Osborne, White Christian Terrorist (Image via YouTube)

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