Okies, Our All-Republican Congressional Delegation is a Bunch of Lying, Seditious Scum

Okies, Our All-Republican Congressional Delegation is a Bunch of Lying, Seditious Scum January 16, 2021

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Okies, our all-Republican Congressional delegation, is a bunch of lying seditious scum. They are also evidently half-wit bullies and thugs in their personal behavior toward their colleagues and basic safety rules in the United States Capitol. 

The only member of Oklahoma’s all-Republican Congressional delegation who did NOT attempt to overturn the November election and install Donald Trump as a dictator was that ancient mariner of the Senate, James Inhofe. 

Senator Inhofe announced on January 5 that he would not support efforts to overturn the election. He stood alone in all-Republican Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation as the only one who would not support making Trump a dictator. 

It goes straight downhill from there. 

Senator James Lankford joined the attempt to overthrow our democracy. He was one of the original 12 senators who agreed to object to certifying the electoral votes and overturn the election. He has issued a letter saying he didn’t know it was racist to overturn the votes of millions of black people, and apologizing for his newly-discovered racism. But, while he switched his vote on the question of overturning the election after he spent some time hiding from the insurrectionists as they stormed the capitol, his debate repeated the lies that fueled the sedition. He’s stood firm on his seditious attempt to destroy American democracy, without a whisper of regret or apology. 

If Lankford and his seditious pals had succeeded, Trump wouldn’t be planning his big “farewell” send off for the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration. He would be sitting in the White House as a newly installed dictator, the first ever resident of our house who was not put there by a free election of We the People, but by a seditious bunch of traitorous Congressmen and women. 

I’ve read that Vice President Mike Pence “researched” whether or not he could overrule the vote of the people that morning and that he actually considered doing it before he refused. We came that close to losing America. 

Trump incited the mob against Pence as well as our Constitution and then sent them off to do their work. His mob duly erected a scaffolding, complete with a noose, and went to look for the Vice President to hang him. It was by a matter of a few minutes that they failed to get their hands on Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress they wanted to murder.

Trump’s mobs had already shown their murderous intent months before when they shut down the Michigan legislature with threats of violence. Trump’s followers had tried to kidnap, rape and murder the Michigan governor, as well as kidnap and murder the Virginia governor. 

Trump responded to this by attacking the Michigan governor; mocking her, saying the kidnapping attempt was her fault because of her polices, and inciting crowds at his rallies to fall into chants of“lock her up” at his rallies. 

None of the Republicans in Congress said a word about this. They did nothing to quell this rising tide of violence and sedition. What they did instead was feed this beast.

Trump has said consistently since 2016 that he would not accept the results of his elections unless he won. He repeatedly said throughout the 2020 campaign that he would not accept the result of this election if he lost. He also said that if he lost, it would be due to fraud. 

He and his Republican cohorts in Congress deliberately maimed our postal service to cripple mail-in voting during a pandemic that their governmental malfeasance and dereliction of duty had allowed to get completely out of control. They challenged people’s right to vote over and over again court cases. 

When George Floyd was murdered and public outrage set off very just and necessary demonstrations of public calls for change, they demonized the demonstrators, called in the troops and did everything they could to ramp up the violence. People who weren’t absolute racists, who weren’t trying to set off violence because they thought it would help them win an election, would have responded by meeting with George Floyd’s family, decrying his murder and making efforts to deal with the reasons for the injustice.

A real president and a real political party would have been able to handle the situation. Real presidents and real political parties have been doing that for 200 years. 

But Trump was never a real president. He was always a dictator wannabe, and the Republicans have long since stopped being a real political party. They have been strangling our government, lying and damaging our country with indifference for many years now. All they care about is getting power and keeping power. America is nothing to them.

There’s a reason why a man like Donald Trump was able to win the nomination and then the idolatrous adoration of Republicans. Republicans have been conditioned to follow blindly behind someone like Trump for a long time. 

So, when Oklahoma’s Republican delegation pandered to Trump’s lie that this free and honest election was a fraud for the simple reason that he lost, they were just following the same path they’d been on ever since they were elected. They were acting to empower their little Republican cult and keep it in power, America be damned. 

When Trump called on them to vote to overturn the election and install him as a dictator on January 6, they heeded the call, because that’s the exact sort of thing they’d been doing all their political lives. They were beamed into office on beams of billionaire dollars and corporate money to garner power for the party and transfer the national treasury into the hands of the people who paid for their elections. Installing a Republican demagogue as a dictator and doing away with our democracy was just the natural next step.

Okies, our Republican Congressional delegation is a bunch of traitors. They tried to overturn the November election and install Trump as America’s first unelected dictator. They have lied, lied, lied, and then lied some more on behalf of this filthy cause. They tried to destroy America.

I am well aware that the majority of Okies are members of the cult of Trump. I know full well that they supported the attack on our nation’s capitol, that they wanted to see the government overturned. I don’t think they particularly wanted Trump for a dictator. But I do think that most of them are too brainwashed to understand that was what they were supporting. 

Our Oklahoma Congressional delegation is a bunch of lying, seditious thugs. They refuse to walk through metal detectors put there for their own protection, won’t respect their colleagues by wearing a mask when they’re locked in a small room with them sheltering from an insurrection these Okies themselves helped set off, and they vote against America and for the party with absolute, rock-solid and predictable consistency. 

They are traitors to America. They are Republican cultists, puppets, who do not think for themselves and do not have the basic morals to give a care about the welfare of the people they represent and the country that has given them everything they have. 

They don’t care if you live or die, my Okie friends. You are nothing to them, just like America is nothing to them. 

However, the ultimate responsibility for this mess is not on them. They didn’t put themselves in Congress. We did. 

These seditionist, lying, bullying little thugs are Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation. They were put in office by the people of Oklahoma. 

We are the ones who are responsible for giving power to these seditionists. We chose people who would betray us and America to hold the power of office. 

We put them there. 

We can take them back out. 

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