I am Pro Life. But I Won’t March in a “Pro Life” March Led by a Traitor to America.

I am Pro Life. But I Won’t March in a “Pro Life” March Led by a Traitor to America. March 11, 2022

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I have marched and demonstrated for several things in my life, including the lives of the unborn. I once even had the honor of helping organize a march for life here in my hometown. I would do it again, anytime.  

But I am not going to participate in any march that is headed by a traitor to America. 

I never considered joining the recent march for life here in my home state. This march was headed by the traitor to America, Senator James Lankford. 

Lankford was one of the Republicans who authored resolutions to overturn the 2020 election and install Trump as a dictator. 

Do you understand that? Lankford tried to overturn our democracy, to end America, and make us into a dictatorship under the control of the incompetent moral ingrate Donald Trump. 

Many people have the idea that Trump’s Jan 6 coup attempt was all about the mob that stormed the capitol. But the actual sword that was being used to try to shred the Constitution was in the hands of the Republicans in the United States Senate and House of Representatives. 

Trump incited that mob. He sent them to the Capitol with explicit language calling for them to “fight like hell.” It appears that he and his minions in government were behind the long delay in the arrival of reinforcements to the capitol police. 

But the actual attempt to overturn America’s government and make Trump into a dictator was the many resolutions authored by Republican traitors who were acting on behalf of the coup from inside our government. This was part of a two-month coup attempt. There is documentation that this was a thought-out, deliberate plan to overturn our government by Trump and his Administration. 

Senators like Lankford and the entire Oklahoma House delegation fell right in line. All that was needed to end American democracy was for the man with the gavel to push the vote through the Senate. That meant that the whole thing came down to the servile weakling who had spent four years sucking up to Trump and bowing before him, Vice President Mike Pence. 

I’m sure the notion that Mike Pence, the toady of toadies, might suddenly grow a spine never occurred to Trump and his coup planners. Pence had never shown any ability to stand like a man before. 

The sad truth is that Pence actually thought about doing what Trump demanded of him and overturning the election. He considered and prevaricated and called his friends for advice. Evidently, deciding whether or not to destroy American democracy was a tough call for a man who had given himself over to Trump. It meant pulling himself out of the mind suck that binds Trump followers to their orange god.  

At some point in the poll-taking among his friends, Pence got hold of former Vice President Dan Quayle. The story is that Quayle’s vociferous opposition to Trump’s attempt to overturn the government is what persuaded Pence. 

Pence grew a spine. He refused to use his powers as President of the Senate, to control the vote and force through the overturn of our government. If Pence had gone the other way, he could have used his control of the gavel and the Republican majority to pass these resolutions through the Senate. 

Since it takes both Houses to certify the Electoral Vote, the deed would have been done. The 2020 election would have been overturned, Trump would have been the first American dictator, and, I would guess, this great nation would have been headed toward a Constitutional crisis that could and probably would have ended in a full-on, bloody, death-and-destruction, bodies-piling-up civil war. 

Not only that, but the vacuum created by America’s sudden exit from world affairs would have left Putin and China in control of the globe. Without America, the rest of the democracies cannot hold. Putin’s boy Trump would have done all Putin’s work for him. 

We came that close to losing our democracy and pushing the world into a second dark age. 

And Republican Senator James Lankford authored one of those resolutions overturning our government, ending American democracy, setting up Trump as a dictator, pushing us into a civil war and plunging the whole world into a Putin/China dominated darkness. 

Lankford cut and run on his commitment to Trump when the 1/6 mob forced him to cut and run in a more literal sense. When Lankford’s little self had to run and hide from the mob, he saw the light, withdrew his resolution and voted against the move to overturn the government. But right up to the moment when the violence came for him personally, Lankford was perfectly willing to sacrifice our lives, this country and freedom around the globe in the name of Donald Trump. 

He never stood up for America. He just carried his cowardice to the next, self-preserving level. He was willing to bring on the deaths of millions of other people, but he backed down fast when he saw that little Jimmy boy could get hurt. 

I have, in years past, spoken in forums alongside James Lankford. I’ve shaken his hand, exchanged pleasantries with him and, been pretty much ok with him as a person and a man. There were political issues where I agreed with him and others where I disagreed. It was America, where people can disagree about their political ideas and still respect one another as people. 

But Lankford changed all that when he joined the attack on America itself. 

Lankford is a traitor to America. He should never have been allowed near that march for life, much less allowed to head it. His presence defames the cause of the right to life for the unborn. It is an oxymoron to put a man who betrayed our democracy and tried to put this country on the path to the millions of dead that would result from a civil war at the head of a march that seeks to proclaim the sanctity of human life. 

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