Wanted: Energy Gainers For Life by Robert Ricciardelli

Wanted: Energy Gainers For Life by Robert Ricciardelli May 16, 2012

Don’t you love being with people who give out energy and life rather than drain it from you? You can feel life coming from those who love, are creative, take initiative, and really engage with the world around them. Jesus was this way and people sought Him out and so do we seek to be around others who are wise, whole, and full of life. Their spiritual authority is compelling and yet they do not need a title or role, it just is. These people are far from perfect but submit to the Perfect One,” and live in the integrity of His love, grace, and mercy. They are lights to the world, who live in the unlimited power and glory of God as their source.

Who are the light givers in your life?

Who are you being a light giver to?

What must you do to put yourself around those who are givers and receivers of Divinity?

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