Atheists donated way too many care packages to deployed troops

Atheists donated way too many care packages to deployed troops December 14, 2011

Earlier this week, I highlighted an incredibly easy way to send a care package to a deployed military member, completely free of charge.

It was a combined effort between Revision Military, who makes SawFly battle-ready eye wear among other things, and also the AnySoldier charity who helps match military members with individual donors.

This started getting a lot of traction on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter almost immediately. So I called them to ask a few basic questions. Namely, were they able to handle all the traffic? And, could some people do multiple submissions (like, one for each branch: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard)?

The good folks at Revision Military played phone tag with me yesterday, but eventually sent me this message:

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support of our campaign.  When we were reviewing the messages, it was clear that we received a significant amount of traffic from your site.  That being said, the overwhelming support we have experienced thus far has exceed our expectations, and in a very short amount of time we have fully fulfilled our care package allotment.  We will be closing our campaign first thing tomorrow morning.

I understand that you had hoped to encourage your readers to donate for each of the branches, but I wanted to ensure you that the distribution is quite equal, and we appreciate the acknowledgement of each branch equally.  The program was designed for one package per person, but we did not program any blockades to multiple messages & care packages for our troops.

We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop for our campaign next year, thank you so much for your support!

All the best-

Kelly C. Goudy

Marketing Events Specialist

Revision Military Ltd.

Each care package sent included a free pair of SawFly glasses (AWESOME!), magazines, premium beef jerky, and some other goodies. These glasses are not cheap either.

Anyway, the internet atheist community should be extremely proud! You broke the campaign with your overwhelming numbers. Take a bow.

The RevisionGives website now has this message instead of a submission form:




There are now more deployed soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines being protected by Revision’s eyewear during their missions. And hopefully their days are a little brighter thanks to your heartfelt messages.

Happy Holidays,

The Revision Team

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  • Aliasalpha

    What is it that differentiates premium beef jerky from normal beef jerky?

    • $2.00 per package.

      • Kate from Iowa

        Less need for a coke?

  • @Alia:

    Premium is usually a brand like Jack Link’s or Buffalo Bill – which looks like pieces of dried meat. Non-premium is a Slim Jim, which is more like a thin, dried sausage.

  • But…but…atheists don’t have morals only preferences or something!

    Seriously, damn good work! It’s not often any charitable operation complains about getting too much donations. (I wonder if these guys ever choked on too mucu stuff from any religious campaign.)

  • Carla

    Man, I hope I get one of these packages! I will admit I get lots of care packages from well meaning church groups – some with lots of religious paraphernalia, but I send thank you cards and hang up the kids’ hand made Jesus fish. When my teammates laugh and ask why, being I’m a very open atheist, I just tell them it’s not poor little Johnny’s fault his hard work fell into the hands of an atheist.

    • Jason

      You are a class act Carla, please keep it up you give Atheists in uniform a good name. The only way we can combat the bigotry is with overwhelmingly good class….thank you.

      And Thanks to everyone that donated and to those hosting the campaign. Its things like this that give us a good name, and we need to keep it up.

    • Angela

      “…but I send thank you cards and hang up the kids’ hand made Jesus fish.”

      That is great in my opinion and gave me a little chuckle also. It’s gestures like this one that can show that atheists can be open, compassionate people, and not angry satan worshipers or some other untrue stereotype that is thrown around.

    • Justin Griffith

      I similarly embrace these well-meaning packages. As long as the purpose of the package is to support the troops (rather than convert the troops as if there is something wrong with them how they are now)… then by all means I totally agree.

      One time I got a sweet card from a first grader, obviously shortly after Inglorious Basterds came out. He drew a tank with Nazis on it, shooting at some other dudes.

      He wrote “There are some bad guys. They are the Nazis. They want to make you sad. But don’t let that happen.” (paraphrasing, but pretty close.)

      It came with some bible-themed coloring book page, already ‘finished’. I hung both up at my desk, and received similar comments.

      Thanks for being such a good ambassador in your corner of the military!

  • MadMaxine

    Does anyone know of a campaign like this for Canadian troops?

  • Brenda Germain

    This is great news that our community was able to make so many donations to the troops. Had an idea, next year for Solstice, why don’t we an Adopt a Soldier type of thing, perhaps in conjunction with MAAF, where soldiers can list what they need and members of our community can pick a soldier and send a personalized care package. Think angel tree with out all the religious nonsense.