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Must Reads! September 16, 2013

Here are some must read posts from the past few weeks, plus an adorable cat picture. Enjoy!

On Not Reading Barth: My Measly Resistance by Janice Rees

You often hear the lament of the poor white scholar: ‘it is so hard not to be a queer, black, disabled, liberal Biblicist’ we are told.  It is the trump card of all institutional powers: ‘what momentum, there is no power here, we are now the minority!’ …Don’t believe the hype; the man is still the man and the institution holds all the cards. In systematic theology American Barthianism epitomizes this.

Allies Who Are Not Allies by Patrick Richards Fink

This isn’t about passing a purity test. This is about actions. Is someone helping? They are an Ally. Is someone complaining that their feelings are hurt because they are doing what they think I need and I am telling them it isn’t? Not an Ally.

The Cruelty of Christians Loving the Sinner by Toranse

The most hateful actions can be motivated by the belief that it is loveBut that doesn’t make it loveThe most hateful actions can be done by people who actually love you. That doesn’t make their actions love. Hate can be nice. Cruelty can be polite. Violence can be well-intentioned.

 “Breaking Bad” Recap: Ozymandias by Alyssa Rosenberg (Spoilers) 

Convincing yourself that you’re doing everything for your family, it turns out, is a quick and vicious route to destroying it.

Disability as the Ultimate Insult by Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg 

That kind of thinking  speaks volumes about how even the most enlightened radical folk see disabled people — which makes such radical folk not radical at all, but really quite mainstream.

This is my husband, Abe and our cat, Pickle. Aren’t they precious?

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