Trump Circus Continues

Trump Circus Continues September 7, 2018

Our ridiculous political environment just got worse.  I have respect for the office of President of the United States. And for the sake of American unity I have kept my mouth shut up till this point. But I can’t take it anymore.

We have had so many great presidents in the past. These were men who worked to remind the American people that we are a team, and that only when we are united, will the UNITED states of America be strong. But this man in office right now, Donald Trump, seems dedicated to division and controversy. He is weakening our country.

Trump unstable?

I’m sure you have heard by now about the book that Woodward is releasing shortly about Trump in the white house. Did you know that he is the same Woodward who broke Watergate? I think he is a reliable source. According to some interviews his book is going to reinforce the scathing letter a “senior staff member” wrote to the New York Times. The talk shows are all over it, but honestly it hasn’t even been released yet. So, I have ordered my copy and I’ll be reading it and sharing my thoughts in a few weeks.

But that letter from the “staff member” holy crap! First, if they are really saving us from Trump I have to say two things. #1- Thank you! He’s a mess and if it could get worse I think I’d cry. And #2- Why haven’t you done something more to really make a difference? All the letter has done right now is stir up controversy. Trump loves controversy. Since he got in office it’s like the monkeys have been released and now they are running the zoo. Where did our real leadership go?

Staff speaking out

For those who haven’t read the letter, here is a link.

It was published in the New York Times September 5, 2018. Since its publication is all anyone can talk about. They make guesses about who wrote it and speculate about whether the claims are true. I have a funny feeling it’s 100% true. Have you ever watched “The Apprentice”? Every time the team would gather after a project Trump would tear them apart.

He worked to divide even the most loyal teams. And anyone who tried to take a bullet for the benefit of the group, was tossed out the door. He seemed to enjoy when people would throw each other under the bus. And he arrogantly spent his time stirring the pot. After one season I couldn’t watch anymore. It was just too contentious.

Trump divides he doesn’t unify

I’ve heard many talk show hosts point out the contradictions in Trump’s tweets. One morning he tweeted that any time a news story used ‘unnamed sources’ it was automatically fake news. And we should disregard it. Then a few hours later he tweeted about a news story that was highly flattering but had three separate quotes from ‘unnamed sources’. The second tweet he said was the right kind of news. But it was directly contradicting what he had JUST said!

When Trump was first running for President, and first elected, I loved how different he seemed. I liked that he would answer questions directly instead of using the politician’s favorite technique of answering a question with a question. I just can’t stand when people ignore a direct question. But the longer Trump is in office, the more he is sounding like a broken record. And his decisions are seeming a little unhinged. I want our country to have a President who knows what he is doing. But I don’t think Trump knows when he wakes up in the morning what kind of decisions he will make that day. And that scares me.

34% + Jump Ship

So far President Trump has been in office for two years. And 22 members of his administration have left or been fired. I’m not sure he realizes how HUGE that number is. did an article in March of 2018 comparing staff turnover in the White House. And they pointed out that 34% of Trump’s top level staff left the first year, while only 1 member of Obama’s staff left. I honestly can’t imagine what kind of toxic work environment the White House must have these days. Especially if Trump is running it like he did his reality TV show.

End Electoral College- don’t let this happen again

I pray for our nation. I pray that good men and women will stand up and make a difference in their towns, and all around the country. And I hope that when the next Presidential election comes around that the people will speak and be heard.

We need good leadership for the trials that are sure to come. Trump lost the popular vote, but won because of the Electoral College. We need to get rid of the Electoral College and let every vote matter again.

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Trump Circus Continues

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