When Religions Get It Wrong, They Could At Least Apologize!

When Religions Get It Wrong, They Could At Least Apologize! June 17, 2016

Science and religion have long been sparring partners. Science has constantly exposed the lies told by religion over the years. For instance, Galileo invented the microscope and telescope, a significant breakthrough for our understanding of the universe, and brought great damage to the teachings of the church in doing so. First, the telescope proved that Earth is not the center of our galaxy, let alone the universe. It helped show that Earth revolves around the sun, not vice versa. And prior to the invention of the microscope, the church taught people that sperm contained little, whole people.

Not a mini-human.
Not a mini-human.

Hence if you masturbate, you were killing a load of people. This “garden bed” theory held by the church said that only men contributed to the makeup of a child and that women were merely “garden beds” for men to plant their seeds in.

I mean seriously, what did they think when a child looked just like its mother? It infuriates me that the church had everyone over a barrel and that whatever they said was just accepted. Well, the microscope showed people the church was telling a lie. When it was proven Earth rotates around the sun, did the church humbly apologize? No! Instead, Galileo was forced to recant, to say the devil was in his lens. How ridiculous! The sad thing is, had science not proven them wrong, the church would still be spouting this rubbish today. How many times does science have to prove that the church simply invents answers to questions not fully solved yet by science, to simply dupe and manipulate people?

Science and religion are still at odds. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a literal version of the scripture that refutes science, especially in regard to the age of the Earth. They refuse blood transfusions, as they go against the will of God. I mean no offense, but this is a horrible practice in many ways. First, it must result in unnecessary deaths of many people who could have easily been saved. Secondly, I have heard more than a few stories from medical staff where a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses are told that if their loved one does not have a necessary operation, they will die. And the family declines to accept blood which will surely result in the death of their family member. Then when the family is not present, the patient in question quietly says to the doctor or nurse, “please save me.” The first scenario is horrible, the second is understandable, but let’s face it, the dreadfully dishonest and the annoying thing about it is, they must then tell their family it was a miracle that they survived.

Most people put medicine and science above prayer as a means for treating the sick because we value life. Science is measured and based on experiments and proof. Science is not trying to indoctrinate us, but just simply to improve our lives, as opposed to religion which has a long history of trying to dominate and dictate all aspects of people’s lives based on misinformation.

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