At the Register: The Unlabeled Life

At the Register: The Unlabeled Life August 20, 2013

Woman with Double Stroller, American, 2013.  That says it all, right?

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  • Speaking of double stroller, did you try to take one through the Gardner? We did. Definitely not a museum designed with accessibility in mind.

    • Damien Fisher

      We did, but ended up parking it in hallways while we looked in the rooms. It’s funny, the last time we went was maybe 12 years ago, and they made us check the stroller – so I brought the back carrier. This time, they told me the back carrier was too bulky, and made me check that, but let me take the stroller in!

      I didn’t put this in the post, but I think what impressed the kids the most was the elevators (and second place was the bathrooms). We are such bumpkins.

      • Well count us as bumpkins too as we were impressed by the elevators too. They were quite old and had benches!