It’s Been Good. Really Good.

It’s Been Good. Really Good. November 21, 2014

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This is my last post to this blog, I’ve moved camp to my own site thanks mostly to the encouragement of one Mr. Pete Rorabaugh.  I’ll be blogging now at , so please follow me there for new posts about Serial and Adnan’s case.

I have to thank the great people at Patheos for putting up with me, especially when I turned all controversial. They’re lucky they didn’t get hacked by my many enemies. Sorry about that. And thank you and sorry to my awesome editor and dear friend Dilshad Ali, who writes her own incredible blog about parenting her wonderful son through the challenges of autism. Thank you for standing by me and promoting my writing even when things got bad, like really bad, when people I’ve known for years said buh-bye. And sorry for ever putting you in that position. I’ll still be contributing to the interfaith super-stratosphere that is Patheos and I’ll always be connected to the issues and writers here. Thanks for giving me this space and I hope you all continue to join me.

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