June 5, 2014

If you were given 6 minutes and 40 seconds to speak about anything you wanted to a gathering of Christian educators, what would you say? 20 slides of your choosing will play along with your talk. That was my charge for the 2014 Faith Forward Conference in Nashville in May. You won’t be surprised to hear that I spoke about the importance of interpreting biblical violence with our children and youth. Below you’ll find a video of the slides with… Read more

June 4, 2014

If the new Disney Studios movie Maleficent is, as some are saying, a feminist attempt to redeem images of weak and powerless women in fairy tales, then it is a cautionary tale. Feminism has always been its own worst enemy when it strives to create women in the image of men rather than encourage women to abandon rivalry with men and seek their flourishing elsewhere. This is a story about the redemptive power of a mother’s love. I wonder how… Read more

June 3, 2014

Samuel Wurzelbacher, also known as Joe the Plumber, re-emerged in the news last week. He made headlines in the wake of the shooting tragedy in Isla Vista, California. Joe wrote an “Open-Letter” to the families of the victims. One section of the letter has been highlighted more than any other: I am sorry you lost your child. I myself have a son and daughter and the one think I never want to go through, is what you are going through… Read more

June 2, 2014

What does the Atonement have to do with sports? In the wake of Adam’s beloved Chicago Blackhawks losing to the hated Los Angeles Kings, Suzanne and Adam discuss how sports patterns our lives, and how Jesus seeks to pattern our lives in a different way. So, what does the Atonement have to do with sports? A lot, it turns out. Watch what Suzanne and Adam have to say and let us know what you think! Read more

May 29, 2014

Adam and Suzanne discuss Ascension Day. Why do we ignore the ascension of Jesus? Adam and Suzanne don’t know, but they do know Christians shouldn’t ignore it. The ascension means that Jesus is still lord of our lives, and is lord in the spirit of service. Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. Second, the story of the ascension in Acts tells us to stop looking at the heavens and get to work! Go forward in the name… Read more

May 29, 2014

The horror of last Friday’s murders at UCSB has us asking the all-important question: Why did this happen? Of course, we ask the same question whenever violent tragedies like this grip the nation. Our first answer is usually the same one provided by Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown just after Friday’s rampage: “It’s obviously the work of a madman.” I wish the answers to tragic shootings were that easy. Eliot Rodgers had psychological issues, no doubt, but it would… Read more

May 28, 2014

We need to stop celebrating Memorial Day. I had lunch with my dad on Memorial Day. We had soup and salad. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of our lunch. Because I’m on Facebook, I know how exciting pictures of lettuce and chicken tortilla soup can be… But even more exciting was our Memorial Day conversation, which centered on our recent travels. I told my dad about my family’s Memorial Day weekend trip to the Redwood Forest in northern California… Read more

May 28, 2014

Matthew Vines has done us an incredible service by writing his book God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. Matthew’s book is an articulate and engaging argument for Christians to support same-sex relationships. It is a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in debate over Christianity and the support of same-sex relationships. I appreciate this book for primarily two reasons. First, Matthew presents scholarship on the topic in a thoughtful… Read more

May 27, 2014

In this video Suzanne and Adam discuss Pope Francis’s prayer over the weekend on the goodness of creation. If creation is so good, then why did things go wrong so quickly? Does the Genesis 1 story have any truth to tell us? They also discussed Suzanne’s recent presentation at the Faith Forward Conference and the importance of Christian education in teaching the nonviolence and love of God. Then they discussed the importance of ritual and why Protestants need to reclaim… Read more

May 22, 2014

How is technology changing contemporary spirituality? That’s the question Patheos asked in its recent Public Square conversation. The irony that modern technology is allowing us to have the conversation over the Internet should be apparent to everyone. There is no doubt that technology is changing our spirituality. Humans are able to learn about different cultural, religious, and spiritual practices like never before. For better or worse, there is a deep spiritual aspect to the Internet. Discussing that spirituality in terms… Read more

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