When cracked objects collide

When cracked objects collide June 14, 2008

WHEN two cracked objects come into close proximity, trouble is bound to ensue.
Cracked object No 1 in this case was Michael A Marcavage, 28, director of the barmy Repent America evangelical outfit, which, among other things, has a horror of homosexuals as this report shows.

Cracked object No 2 is the famous Liberty Bell, in Philadephia, one of the most prominent symbols of the American Revolutionary War, and an icon of liberty and justice.
Last October, Marcavage got himself nicked while he and some fellow crackpots were preaching against abortion – and a whole bunch of other stuff that evangelists don’t like – at tourists on a sidewalk outside the building that houses the Liberty Bell. Demonstrations are banned in this area.
Officials at Independence National Historical Park offered Marcavage a demonstration site a half-block away, but he refused.
Yesterday US Magistrate Judge Arnold Rapoport found Marcavage guilty of violating a verbal permit and interfering with park rangers, according to Yahoo.
He was placed on one year’s probation, fined $420, and ordered to notify the National Park Service and get a permit if he planned to return to the site.
Said Marcavage, who intends appealing against his conviction:

Welcome to the new America. God help us. We’re all headed for trouble if this is the direction the country is going in.

This is not Marcavage’s first brush with the law. In 2007 a judge in Salem, Mass. – known as “Witch City” – found the street preacher guilty of disorderly conduct for spraying Jesus at a crowd of Halloween celebrants.

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