Is Holocaust-denier bishop Williamson a crazy old closet queen?

Is Holocaust-denier bishop Williamson a crazy old closet queen? February 7, 2009

BISHOP Richard Williamson, who has proved a major embarrassment to the Vatican over his recent Holocaust-denying remarks on Swedish television, apparently has “issues with sexuality”.

Bishop Williamson: barking mad!
Bishop Williamson: barking mad!
In an intriguing profile published by the Daily Mail yesterday, a long-standing English Catholic colleague is quoted as saying:

He’s obviously a very angry man – he’s on a hair trigger all the time. I have long suspected he has issues with his sexuality because he spews forth camp poison whenever the issue of homosexuality is raised. He’s absolutely obsessed with sexual deviancy of any sort.

Said another Catholic aquaintance:

He’s so appallingly vain – you can see that from the vestments he wears and the cut of his cassock. He’s always so tremendously elegant and polished, and often surrounded by clean-cut youths who worship him. He adores being the centre of attention.

And Edna Andrews, who was the Williamson family’s housekeeper for 20 years in Buckinghamshire, said:

He was the best looking of three three brothers, but there was never a girlfriend. To be honest, I thought he was gay.

She added:

It’s just so sad. He was always such a thoughtful boy who used to come and sit and have coffee with me and talk about things. I can’t imagine what’s got into him.

Ultra-conservative Catholicism, that’s what!
Williamson, 68, who declared that Pope John Paul II had a “weak grasp of Catholicism”, leapt from the Protestantism of his father (his mother was a Christian Scientist) to extreme conservative Catholicism. He joined a breakaway group, The Society of Pius X, founded by the late French Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1970 in protest against the Second Vatican Council’s liberal reforms.
The bishop was, in fact, excommunicated not because of his repugnant views on the Holocaust, but because he was member of a breakaway group. Because Williamson was consecrated bishop by Lefebvre – who had no Papal authority to do so – he was excommunicated by Pope John Paul II in 1988. Pope has cancelled the excommunication as part of his solemn duty to bring all Catholics back into the Church.
Unsurprisingly, this senior English prelate who now lives in Argentina, is also a firm believer in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – the alleged ancient document, long since dismissed as a forgery, that claims the Jews aim at world domination.
The bishop, described as “intellectually arrogant” by one senior fellow Catholic, has provocative views on all manner of subjects.
He believes, for example, that women wearing trousers is “an assault upon women’s womanhood” and that “feminism is intimately connected to witchcraft and satanism”.
As for women going to university, this, he says:

Is part of the whole massive onslaught on God’s nature which characterises our times.

He has no time either for the film The Sound of Music, which he has described as  as “pornographic soul-rotting slush”.
One may laugh at this, but it gets more serious. Two years ago he told a seminar in Bedford, Massachusetts, that 9/11 was an inside job by the US government:

To get the American public to accept the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. . . without 9/11 it would have been impossible to attack.They may well be plotting another 9/11.

And he describes “the mentality of sweet compassion for homosexuals and of bitter grief for Princess Di” as “the apostasy of our times”.
The man is clearly barking, and all the flak Pope Ratzinger has received for unexcommunicating him is well-deserved.

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  • Mike

    Well somebody is certianly silent around here.

  • LK Carson

    OK, so the smear campaign has gone into overdrive – how tedious, but how predictable.
    btw. as far as the Protocols are concerned, given that they are anonymous, just what is being forged????

  • Angela K

    Barking this Bishop may be, but unfortunately a lot of gullible people believe what he says.

  • valdemar

    He’s at the extreme end of the spectrum, but I’m sure his views are widely shared. Including the Holocaust denial stuff, unfortunately. Lots o’ loons out there.
    But I think the repressed gay argument will fly. Why are they so obsessed with fancy clothes? Thrown in the misogyny and you’ve got a chauvinistic old queen of a rather obvious kind.

  • newspaniard

    “As an atheist, you should show more respect for other religions”. So say our elders and betters. WTF!!??

  • Michael

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – the alleged ancient document, long since dismissed as a forgery, that claims the Jews aim at world domination.
    As Christopher Hitchins has Said-
    It is wrong to call this toxic document a “forgery”, since a forgery is a copy of something authentic. The Protocols are a mere fabrication, put together by Eastern Orthodox Christian fanatics in the pay of the tsarist secret police.

  • Phew ! See what they’re like when people listen to them. If we gave the Catholic Church an inch this is what they would all be like. What a waste of a life, such spite, such vitriol, They are so scared of being found out that its all crap, that this is what you get. They spend their lives condemning everything and everybody and ending up a vicious spiteful old man. BE WARNED, THIS IS WHAT RELIGION DOES TO YOU. This was according to the housekeeper, a”thoughtful, good looking boy and they talked about things’. If he had had a relationship of either sex, then he would more than likely have been a nice normal human being. What a waste of a life! I would feel really sorry for him, if I didn’t know that given half a chance he would screw up everyone else’s life. Sad man.

  • valdemar

    To put a positive spin on all this, remember Napoleon’s maxim: ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.’ Pope Ratzo is really cocking things up for the world’s biggest Christian sect. We rationalists should be pleased, even though a lot of people are quite rightly offended by his crazy antics. Let’s hope the pope continues to offend widely and often. It could do the world a power of good in the long run.

  • Toby

    · Mass graves expelling geysers of blood;[1]
    · Acid or boiling-water baths to produce human skeletons;[2]
    · Injections into the eyes of inmates to change their eye color;[3]
    · Production of shrunken heads from bodies of inmates;[4]
    · Skimming off boiling human fat from open-air cremation fires;[5]
    · Out of pity for complete strangers – a Jewish mother and her child – an SS-man leaps into the gas chamber voluntarily at the last second in order to die with them;[6]
    · Soap production from human fat, solemn burial of soap;[7]
    · Underground mass extermination in enormous rooms, by means of high voltage electricity;[8]
    · Killing in vacuum chamber or with steam or chlorine gas;[9]
    · Mass graves with hundreds of thousands of bodies, removed without a trace within a few weeks; a true miracle of improvisation on the part of the Germans;[10]
    · Gas chambers on wheels in Treblinka, which dumped their victims directly into burning pits; delayed-action poison gas that allowed the victims to leave the gas chambers and walk to the mass graves by themselves;[11]
    · Electrical conveyor-belt executions;[12]
    · Cremation of bodies in blast furnaces;[13]
    · SS bicycle races in the gas chamber of Birkenau;[14]
    · Removal of corpses by means of blasting, i.e., blowing them up;[15]
    · Blue haze after gassing with hydrocyanic acid (which is colorless);[16]
    · Singing of national anthems and the Internationales by the victims in the gas chamber; evidence for atrocity propaganda of Communist origin;[17]
    · Rapid-construction portable gas chamber sheds;[18]
    · Killing by drinking a glass of liquid hydrocyanic acid;[19]
    · Muscles cut from the legs of executed inmates contract so strongly that it makes the buckets jump about;[20]
    · Introduction of Zyklon gas into the gas chambers of Auschwitz through shower heads or from steel bottles.[21]
    · The SS made sausage in the crematoria out of human flesh.[22]
    · Mummified human thumbs were used as light switches in the house of Ilse Koch, wife of KZ commander Koch (Buchenwald).[23]
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    “…….Saddam Hussein’s alleged WMDs is a mere repetition of the story (not history) of Adolf Hitler’s WMDs (“execution gas chambers” and “execution gas vans”).
    The lie is the same and the liars are the same.”

  • Alun

    Catholic priest?
    Black dress?
    Dare I say it, pederast?
    No need to lock up your daughters. Expect another vatican cover up. Chief paed Ratzi has revoked his excommunication so I suppose their inept spin doctors will have to defend this guy. This should be interesting.


    Now here is garbage wearing a human face. richard williamson, saviour of the catholic church, who does not think the Pope should be pope, but rather, he, williamson should be the pope. Can anyone imagine human or swine excrement walking around masquerading as a human being and wearing the vestments of a pope.
    Williamson, take your boys into the back room and do what you always do.

  • Mandy

    What a vile outpouring of filth this thread is. You people need to have your heads examined.

  • Barry Duke

    Mandy, if you are commenting in defense of a fascist pope, and a Nazi apologist of a bishop, it’s you who needs a head examination.

  • 1859

    You see ? Sex and religion yet again!

  • DannyJ