Violent Christian school head banned from teaching

Violent Christian school head banned from teaching July 14, 2016

Following the closure last year of a London school established to ‘educate children with sound academic standards and in the way of the Lord’, it was reported this week that the former head of the independent school in Hackney has been permanently banned from teaching for hitting a five-year-old pupil.
According to the BBC, Amos Johnson, 58, and Faith Johnson, 48, ran Mustard School, a mixed Christian school which taught up to 44 children from two to 14. Many were from African backgrounds.

It closed last year after Hackney Council received allegations of physical abuse.
A series of Ofsted inspections had deemed the school “inadequate”.
A professional misconduct panel found Johnson had “violated” his position of trust.
Faith Johnson, the school’s proprietor, has been banned from teaching for at least three years.
Mustard School, which was opened in 1997, charged annual fees of £3,060.
The panel at the National College for Teaching and Leadership found that Amos Johnson had hit one or more pupils “on one or more occasions” and failed to ensure an adequate teacher-pupil ratio, or that his staff were properly qualified.
Pupils did not have the resources they needed and he and Mrs Johnson had not ensured the playground was safe.
The panel expressed concern they did not acknowledge the seriousness of their actions.
Its report said:

Mr Johnson retains a deep-seated attitude towards controlling behaviour of pupils which is harmful; in particular it was concerned about his justification for chastising a 5-year-old pupil physically.

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  • Perhaps the child used a rude word. No, the penalty for that is death and this was a Christian school. A Christian school would have done the Christian thing and killed the child.
    Exodus 21:17 “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death”.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Sooooo… they closed the school, and ONE of the teachers was banned from teaching for three years.
    What happened to Mr. Johnson, who hit “one or more” pupils on “one or more” occasions?
    What happened to other teachers who AT LEAST went along with this abuse?
    Do they just get away with it?

  • Broga

    Gentle Jesus and “suffer little children etc” was not part of the Christian teaching then?

  • Gill Kerry

    Nuttall street? How appropriate

  • Robster

    Those troublesome kiddies, asking questions! That’s got to stop.

  • barfly

    Hitting a 5 year old why isn’t he inside? If that school as been running since 1997 how many other children have been asaulted