London bishop and accomplice jailed over sexual assaults

London bishop and accomplice jailed over sexual assaults April 1, 2017

Bishop Benjamin Egbujor, 55, and his sectretary Rose Nwenwu, 43, of the Jubilee Christian Centre in Peckham, yesterday received jail sentences for sexually assaulting a teenage girl and a woman during private prayer sessions.
According to this Metropolitan Police report, Egbujor was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for the sexual assault and four months, to be served consecutively, for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He was found not guilty of one count of sexual assault.

Nwenwu was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for sexual assault and three years, to be served concurrently, for helping and encouraging Egbujor.
The offences took place from March 2011 to January 2013, at the centre.
Officers in the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Command (SOECA) started an investigation in January 2014 after a teenage girl disclosed to her family she had been abused by Egbujor.
The victim, who was under the age of 16, said Egbujor told her she had been chosen to attend an individual prayer session.
After being taken into his private office, the girl was forced to undress and oil was poured over her.
Egbujor delivering a sermon on morality, emphasising the three Ds: Discipline, Duty and Devotion (click on pic for video)
As a result of further enquiries, officers also interviewed a woman in her 30s who disclosed she had also been sexually assaulted by Egbujor.
The adult victim said Nwenwu also took part in the sexual assault by taking her clothes off and pouring oil over her.
Egbujor and Nwenwu were both found guilty on March 9 after a five-week trial at Inner London Crown Court.
Both were made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and will have to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.
Detective Inspector Angela Craggs, of the Met’s Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Command, said:

Egbujor and Nwenwu exploited the trust of their congregation when they targeted and abused these victims. They believed their position within the church would protect them from facing justice, but the court has held them accountable for their actions.
I hope this conviction serves to empower victims of sexual violence to come forward and report to police, and as a warning to offenders who think they can use their position to protect them from the law.

Police Constable James Bell, of the Met’s Offences and Child Abuse Command (SOECA) added:

Egbujor and Nwenwu preyed on their victim’s vulnerabilities, whilst satisfying their own sexual urges under the guise of private prayer. I commend the victims for their courage and commitment in this case. I fear there may be other victims who have not yet come forward and I urge them or any victim of sexual abuse to tell the police what happened.

Hat tip: Angela_K and BarrieJohn

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  • remigius

    He don’t look like no bishop. Where’s his golden hat, and that bendy-endy stick thing?

  • remigius

    “Police Constable James Bell, of the Met’s Offences and Child Abuse Command (SOECA) added…”
    …’we still haven’t got the hang of acronyms’.

  • 1859

    One wonders why the good ‘bishop’ didn’t just climb into bed with his secretary – would have saved them the consequences of being branded paedophiles for the rest of their lives, not to mention preventing the suffering of their victims. Stupid people.

  • barriejohn

    We obviously need a new definition of the term “bishop”, because it clearly doesn’t mean what most people think it to mean.

  • Wingo Tally Ho

    Bishop? Seems anyone can award themselves any title and qualification they like.
    Well I am Sir Wing Commander Admiral of the Fleet Grand Knight of the Sky Pilots Chief Running Wild Bear Head Samurai of Kinagawa President of the Grand Order of Blaspheming pope Haters Commander and First Officer of the NASA Manned Mission to Pluto, Nobel Laureate in Physics and 1978 Chairman of the Halifax Giant Veggie Growing and Yorkshire Bitter Appreciation Society Duke of Killarney BSc MSc PHd MPhil. But I don’t molest children or run a scamming money spinning fake evangelist church.

  • remigius

    That’s right barriejohn. I’ve been on the internet all night trying to find information about Peckham Cathedral.

  • barriejohn

    Remigius: I was really speaking in more general terms regarding moral probity, etc, but I did get a shock when I first read the headlines. Believe it or not, there’s a Bishop Trotter on the net. Wonder if HE’S in Peckham? Maybe Del Boy sold them their outfits!
    PS The Biblical term “bishop” does just mean “shepherd” or “overseer”, and is widely used by evangelicals (just as “saints” really refers to believers in general). The Brethren sometimes refer to their elders as “bishops”, but only informally, and not as a title.

  • Brian Jordan

    remigius says:
    That’s right barriejohn. I’ve been on the internet all night trying to find information about Peckham Cathedral.
    Peck’em Cathedral? Isn’t that where the deeds took place?

  • barriejohn

    More on Bishop Trotter. They could make a comedy series about him, I think!
    (I hope Broga’s reading all this, even if he’s not commenting now – though I wish he were.)

  • remigius

    That may be the origin of the word, barriejohn. But as far as I’m concerned – if you ain’t got a cathedral you ain’t a bloody bishop.
    (Larry Trotter? It has to be a wind-up. Right?. It must be!)

  • remigius

    “…just as “saints” really refers to believers in general.”
    Does that mean The Monkees were saints? Even the annoying little one? The Blessed St Davy of Jones does have a certain ring to it.

  • barriejohn

    Rem: Not the right type of believer, sad to say. One has to be very careful about these things.
    I attended a very large Brethren assembly in Lancashire for about three years when I was young, and some did refer to it as “The Cathedral of the North”. The elders were not well amused!

  • remigius

    “Not the right type of believer, sad to say.”
    How can you even say that? The Monkees had the very essence of a religious conversion. They started off as cynical unbelievers who thought love was only found in fairy tales.
    This was then followed by a Road to Damascus experience, and the subsequent fervent evangelism.Then they were hit with the grim reality of apostasy – they were believers, they couldn’t leave her if they tried.
    Of course they’re bloody saints!

  • barriejohn

    But did they take Jesus as “their own personal Saviour”?

  • remigius

    barriejohn – That’s merely a mistranslation/misinterpretation of the original source (sauce!), which also misinformed the Eucharist. (The disciples actually had their last supper in an Italian Restaurant.)

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Six hundred and thirteen commandments in the Bible and they don’t have one about “Thou shalt not force a girl to undress and then pour fat over her body” ?

  • Peter Sykes

    We should start a petition: Bring back Broga!

  • Peter Sykes

    “bendy-endy stick thing?”
    Reminds me of a Dave Allen sketch.

  • remigius

    CoastalMaineBird. The problem with such a commandment is it’s too specific – and laws that are too specific tend to get broken.
    Someone could argue that a literal interpretation could mean it is OK to force a girl to undress and pour a substance over her body – as long as that substance doesn’t contain triglycerides. You’d then have all sorts of perfectly legal shenanigans involving raspberry jam, soy sauce, and treacle (to name but three of my favourites).

  • Philip Smeeton

    You can take the man out of the culture, but you cannot take the culture out of the man.

  • Peterat

    Bishop: a chess piece between the knight and the rook!

  • Cali Ron

    barriejohn: I must have missed something, I haven’t been very active on the web lately, to busy fighting my way out of the brain fog. Where’s Broga? Have we lost him in the crowd like waldo? I always enjoyed his comments.

  • remigius

    “…to busy fighting my way out of the brain fog.”
    You should take a look at the ‘Warrior King’ thread. We’re all busy fighting our way into one!

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: Broga got fed up with a certain commenter whingeing about so-called “off topic” comments (mainly because he disagreed with them), and declared “I’m off then”. You can read the exchange on an earlier thread, but I don’t remember which one. I’m still hoping that he’ll have a change of heart.

  • remigius
  • barriejohn

    Always further back than you imagined!
    Have comments on the Warrior King been closed?

  • Daz

    Yep, closed. Alas, poor thread. I knew it well, Horatio. The slings and arrows have been put away. Though I doubt minds, noble or not, were changed.

  • Cali Ron

    OK, I’m gonna need a cup of strong coffee and some laxative to get through that shite. Is it worth plowing through it all? Comments seem to be mercifully closed. “Talk about going down the rabbit hole.

  • Cali Ron

    He’s got it all wrong, it’s the “Worrier King” and that’s not a headdress, just a very furrowed brow on that coin.

  • remigius

    I wonder why Barry closed the thread? There was no actual abuse (except in Ralph’s imagination), or anything remotely close. However, I did find this comment from Ralph that I didn’t notice before…
    He seems to threaten litigation against someone (Simon Guacamole) who called his work ‘completely crackers’. (See bottom few paragraphs of letter).
    Barry repeated the phrase in his opening paragraph. I wonder if they are connected?

  • Cali Ron

    Simon Guacamole-a name in search of a chip.
    Warrior King-a theory in search of some facts.
    Ralph Ellis-a historian in search of credibility.
    Christianity-a religion in search of a god.

  • barriejohn

    Cali Ron: His name is really Simon Gathercole, which is even funnier to me, and he’s another fundamentalist “academic” (Baptist pastor), as I pointed out.

  • Robster

    Is it possible there’s one, just one innocent clergy left? Seems a resounding No.