Man launches new church, then gets busted for human trafficking

Man launches new church, then gets busted for human trafficking October 20, 2021

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OBEYING “an order from God,” a Florida man called Samuel Phillips Jr, above, launched a new place of worship earlier this year. And so the Be Limitless Church in  Riverview came into being, with appeals for funds on a sophisticated website.

The church did a lot to gain money and publicity, but not the sort that led to headlines like this:

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They all report that Phillips was among 125 people arrested in a 20-day human trafficking sting that resulted in the rescue of four women and a 17-year-old.

According to The Christian Post, the the result of a sting operation were announced on Monday by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. During a press conference featured on YouTube, Sheriff Chad Chronister said:

Individuals who make a conscious choice and effort to take advantage of others through human trafficking have no room in Hillsborough County. Our approach and efforts year-round are proactive and relentless. Our strong team of detectives will continue to work tirelessly to takedown and put a stop to human trafficking.

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Chronister, above, said “Operation Round-Up” started on August 4 and ended on October 13. Undercover detectives targeted criminals who attempted to prey upon minors, sought sex for themselves or exploited victims through human trafficking. Among those busted was Joel Velasco, 38, a teacher at an unspecified Hillsborough school.

In a video on the church’s website, Phillips explained that God gave him the vision for the church in January and ever since he and his wife, along with their two young daughters, have been on a mission:

To advance the kingdom of God by transforming communities and bringing hope to the culture, through simplistic and practical biblical teachings that will help them discover purpose and experience the love of God in their everyday life.

Leaders at the church further noted:

Launching a new church is a huge opportunity to serve our community and its surrounding areas. We are a group of unified leaders that are focused on making a difference in the lives of others. We believe there is a place here for you, come join us.

And its website says:

Partner with us financially and help us fulfill the mission and the vision of Be Limitless Church. Your generosity will allow us to help people discover purpose, transform communities, and bring hope to the culture.

CP reported that human trafficking survivors, like Connie Rose, who was trafficked by her father in the 1970s, praised the effort to clamp down on the practice by the sheriff’s office:

“You’re setting this incredible message about, don’t buy [sex] in Tampa,” said Rose, who runs Victims2Survivors a nonprofit support group.

We are very serious about eradicating human trafficking in our own backyard and these sting operations, the way that he runs them with his teams, are absolutely phenomenal.

Rose also expressed disappointment that a pastor and a teacher were among the arrests.

What really took me back on this particular one [sting] is that there was a teacher and a pastor. And that these are people that our children look up to.

Sheriff  Chronister  said at the press conference:

Throughout this operation our detectives created undercover profiles online and chatted with men who believed they were speaking to minors, created false advertisements for sex, and undercover female detectives posed as streetwalkers.

Chronister said Velasco offered to pay undercover detectives $60 in exchange for sex while Phillips:

Responded to a false ad placed on an escort website and offered to pay our undercover detective for sex. These men who were all held to a standard of trust and respect were all arrested for soliciting another to commit prostitution.

Be Limitless Church did not immediately respond to a request for comment on their pastor’s arrest when contacted by The Christian Post on Tuesday.

The church also disabled its Facebook page.

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