Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain April 6, 2019




Yesterday, there were concrete bags in place of my hands and feet and shoulders 

Giving me the illusion that, with the shifting movement, I could stand upright

Until I fell 

Today, they are giant boulders, unforgiving and unmercifully heavy 

Making each movement (or attempt at one) painful and aching and cruel

Taking steps to get out of bed is climbing an incline 

And raising my arms to dry off my hands is hoisting myself up a rope 

I feel guilty that I’m as sore and tender as though I’ve worked out, but I haven’t 

Tomorrow, it’ll be shards of glass forcing themselves through my nerves and muscles 

Next day it’ll be aching joints like wood rubbing on stone 

Day after that, it’ll be tendons so strained and muscles so dry 

I’ll feel like pulled leather 

Ready to snap 

So don’t tell me, “Oh you’re just tired.”

You have no idea what kind of fight it is

To just be tired 




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About Jennifer Riley
Jennifer Riley is our new co-leader. She’s an emotional writer, engulfing people in her tidal wave of life experiences and interpretations. She’s a bad Catholic, a good sinner, and a pernicious writer who tries to find who she is to herself and to God through her words. You can read more about the author here.
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