From the Shadows: An Easter Reflection

From the Shadows: An Easter Reflection April 21, 2019


The womb of the earth convulsed

as He gave a sharp inhale

Sitting upright and taking with Him

All the deniability

All the rationality


The ecstatic expulsion of all that is


Ripping from its sodden roots

What held the weeds in place


Of every footstep misplaced, mistaken,


Eclipsing the sunrise, sheering off the rock face

Closing eyes

Closing ears

Deaf and dumb to what was reality,



How glad the soil He stepped through

How rejoicing the first brushing of leaves on His face

How tender the tears He wiped away

from the face of the woman who loved Him


How happy was He, inhaling oxygen

through lungs that knew Death, 

and laughed 





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About Jennifer Riley
Jennifer Riley is our co-leader. She’s an emotional writer, engulfing people in her tidal wave of life experiences and interpretations. She’s a bad Catholic, a good sinner, and a pernicious writer who tries to find who she is to herself and to God through her words. You can find her writer page on Facebook at You can read more about the author here.
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