The Cricket’s Song

The Cricket’s Song April 26, 2019


I released the cricket from its cage

After being deaf to its music

Its heartbreaking melody

Its solitary song

Comforted only by the echoing misfit

Of the walls it sang to


I released the cricket from its cage

And now it’s gone

I can’t hear its music anymore

And the cavern it occupied,

Shining and glittering and splendid,

Aches in the flitting air

Without its member

To welcome home


I released the cricket from its cage

Because it was wrong to keep it away

So I’ll leave the cage door open

Removing the lock to make it a gate

Somewhere the cricket would want to visit,

even stay


I released the cricket from its cage

and I hope it’ll come back

If not, I’ll wait 

For its sweet music 

To echo from there to my ears again








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About Jennifer Riley
Jennifer Riley is our co-leader. She’s an emotional writer, engulfing people in her tidal wave of life experiences and interpretations. She’s a bad Catholic, a good sinner, and a pernicious writer who tries to find who she is to herself and to God through her words. You can find her writer page at You can read more about the author here.

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