When The Church Lauds Its Victims

When The Church Lauds Its Victims February 8, 2020
Source: Pexels.com

***TW: Sex assault, Church sex abuse, etc***


Give it a century—maybe two

The conclaves will praise the bruised thighs

The snapped spines

The retching gagging

Of its sex assault victims

Its bloody sacrifices to evil, to lust, to violation

“O the poor children” they’ll cry

“O they suffered so”

“O their bravery in coming forward”

But never, never taking fault

Never apologizing

Never wondering, “Why”


“A few bad apples”

as they clasp a fresh white collar

on a dark, dark cloth

“They didn’t know better”

“It was all Satan”

Forgiving themselves

The fault


Their predecessors

The fault

Because they don’t remember

We don’t remember

How we abused

The most tender

The most weak

The most wounded

Because we could

Because we can

How we’ve ALWAYS abused


Teresa of Avila was thrown from her order

Francis of Assisi was stoned by his town

John of the Cross was imprisoned

Joan of Arc was raped and burnt

The Son of God was butchered by

The “pure”

The “meek”

The “bad apples”

The “misguided”

The “holy ones”

The people we quote the most

We abuse the most

Not taking fault

For how we beat them

Locked them away

Spat on them

Raped them

“How holy they were”

“How close to God”

“How wise”

“How kind” as we grind our heel into the blood from their mouths


Just a few bad apples, we say

They didn’t know what they were doing, we say

When will we ever not say?



Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/pomegranate-and-bread-knife-2171078

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