Kurdish Oath

Kurdish Oath November 7, 2014

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this, but it seems pretty cool. I found it on a comment on a Yahoo News Article:

For general interest I copied down the oath given to a new group of fighters with the PKK. The Kurdish YPG fighting in Kobane are a different organization and their oath may be different, but it is actually many of the same people.

(Administered to a group of new fighters

Each line was spoken by the leader and repeated by the group. They have one hand over their heart and the other hand on the flag)

I will fight

without doubt

against the spirit of slavery.

Against domination,



of the patriarchal system.

I will join the ideological revolution

thanks to the strength of my ethics

and morals.

I will rediscover the purity

of the Stone Age

in the hope

of obtaining


I will respond with honesty.





and with courage.

Such is the nature

of my oath

to President Apo,


to PJA

to the resistance in the mountains

and in prisons,

to our heroic martyrs,

to our people

and to humanity.

I swear.

I swear.

I swear

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