Upcoming Events For The Perth Skeptics

Upcoming Events For The Perth Skeptics January 8, 2012

This is a group that I started a few years back (in 2009!) – and thanks to the wonderful people involved, there’s a few things happening for the first half of the year that I’ll pass on:

Book Club Meetup: Sleights of Mind
Fri Jan 13 6:30 PM RSVP on the Perth Skeptics site.
The next book for the Skeptics Book Club is Sleights of Mind by Stephen L. Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde. NB: You must RSVP to get more details at the Perth Skeptics Meetup Group.

Darwin Day at Perth Zoo
Sun Feb 12 12:00 PM – RSVP via Perth Atheists Meetup.
Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/260047974055001/
We’ll have guided tours by biologists. How awesome is that!? Bring a picnic or plate of food to share! RSVP essential at Perth Atheists.

Tim Minchin Vs WASO
(Feb 10th and 12th) Fri Feb 10 7:00 PM – BOOKINGS GOING FAST at Ticketmaster!
Challenge Stadium Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont (map) Almost 30 Perth Atheists and Perth Skeptics saw Tim Vs WASO earlier this year, this is not one to be missed….

Book Club Meetup: The Psychopath Test
Fri Mar 02 6:30 PM RSVP on the Perth Skeptics site.
The next book for the Skeptics Book Club is The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. What it’s about? This is a story about madness. It all starts when journalist Jon Ronson gets a letter in the mail… RSVP at the Perth Skeptics Meetup Group.

Fiona Scott-Norman – The Needle and the Damage Done
Wed Mar 28 7:00 PM – University Club Auditorium UWA, Perth.
Fiona Scott-Norman takes us on a romp through her youth via really bad music and vinyl LPs which features music from white supremacists, William Shatner, Australian radio jock John Laws, dodgy Christians, and misguided football players. She takes us back to a more “innocent” time, when it was OK to be racist, sexist, or intolerant – or all three if you were a Christian recording artist. Fiona delivers this collection of artistic and sociological gaffes with irony and glee, so join her for one of the funniest nights out.

MELBOURNE – Global Atheist Convention 2012
Fri Apr 13 7:00 PM – head to www.atheistconvention.org.au.

Perth Skeptics official site is at http://www.meetup.com/Perth-Skeptics/

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