The Ring Thing

The Ring Thing March 5, 2012

Libby Anne over at the Freethought blog Love, Joy, Feminism writes a really excellent post about the perception of men and sexuality that she grew up with:

Growing up, I was taught that there was one thing guys my age would want from me: sex. Because that’s, you know, all guys ever want from girls. I was taught that guys only think about one thing: sex. I was extremely confused by this at first because the “guys only want one thing from girls” and “guys only ever think about one thing” rhetoric began before I even knew what sex was. […]

As I grew older, I was also taught that one of the reasons it’s important to remain a virgin until marriage was that if I had sex with a beau before bringing him to the alter, he would have gotten everything he was after anyway and would leave me and never tie the knot. Because, you know, all he wanted – the whole point of him dating or courting me – was to have sex with me. Only by holding out until after the wedding could I convince a guy to marry me.

Speaking as a man, one thing that really annoys me about the “purity ring” crowd is their low opinion of men. One thing that irritates me more are men who embrace this low opinion in order to absolve themselves of the responsibility to act like functioning adults. And the one thing that irritates me the most are people who use this stereotype as a justification of strict codes of conduct for women so they don’t tempt their “weaker brothers.” Grow the hell up, all of you.

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