Al Jazeera on Bob Jones

Al Jazeera on Bob Jones November 16, 2013

This is interesting. Al Jazeera, the international news agency based in Qatar, reporting on a incident of rape at Bob Jones University (obviously, trigger warning for discussions of rape. If that is likey to upset you, please enjoy this Przewalski’s foal instead.):

How the ‘fortress of fundamentalism’ handles sexual assault

Lydia still doesn’t know why she was expelled from Bob Jones University in March 2009. But she believes it has something to do with the fact that she was raped.

I believe the story has been covered by the atheosphere previously. The short version is that Bob Jones University dealt very poorly with a young woman who had been sexually assaulted off campus and was suffering through the trauma.

What’s interesting is that this is getting in-depth coverage from an international news agency. I don’t believe I’ve seen anything with quite this much depth from a domestic organization.

Also interesting, the animated GIF they use comes from Darell Dow of Stuff Fundies Like. Not sure how that came about.

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