Divination Space Station: Fontaine Foxworth + Brown Girl Tarot™

Divination Space Station: Fontaine Foxworth + Brown Girl Tarot™ June 29, 2017
The Empress card from the Brown Girl Tarot™. All rights reserved.
The Empress card from the Brown Girl Tarot™. All rights reserved.

Divination Space Station is proud today to feature Brown Girl Tarot™ , the world’s first real life non-illustrated Tarot Card Deck, that exclusively features 78 photographs of Women of Color and one adorable brown baby girl! Brown Girl Tarot deck is set to include 78, 3.5 X 5″ artfully designed photographed, 350 GSM, Satin finish cards, including all suits of the Major and Minor Arcana. Created by Fontaine Foxworth, “BGT celebrates and embraces the beauty and diversity of brown and black women, as every card is art directed to emphasize the core, sacred messages of tarot- with a modern brown girl spin. BGT aims to Uplift, Empower, & Unite WOC, Whilst Redefining Black Spirituality Through Tarot Cards.” I’m honored to reveal that I will be included in this deck too, as the Hierophant card. It was my pleasure to sit down with Foxworth recently and ask her some questions about tarot and this exciting new deck.

When did you start divining? With what method?

About 3 years ago, I found my first deck of tarot cards in the empty apartment above mine. My sister and I were only snooping around up there to use the gas stove to make some ginger tea. I had just moved in and the gas was not on in my apartment and I was feeling sick. The deck was in a velvet pouch in an otherwise empty kitchen cabinet. I have fallen in love with tarot and it’s divine power ever since.

The Strength Card courtesy of Brown Girl Tarot™. All rights reserved.
The Strength Card courtesy of Brown Girl Tarot™. All rights reserved.

What method do you use most often now?

I most often use tarot as my main source of divinatory meditation, however I have included the use of crystals, blessing oils, incense, and have even dabbled in spell work via Wiccan magical practices and evoking Orishas. I have been also grounding and molding my spirit to channel directly from source.

How important is the choice/phrasing of the question?
I think the choice and phrasing of the question is really important. I like to hone my energy and spirit onto very specific queries to the universe.  I feel like if you are confused or unclear about the questions you need answers too, you should meditate and get as clear about what you are asking spirit to help you with. It’s easy to get mixed messages from the universe, if you were not clear about your problem in the first place.
Do you have a yes/no method of divining you recommend?
I don’t really have a yes/no method. I’m pretty open to trying new things because I have a adventurous spirit.  I think its about whatever you are most comfortable with, and whatever seems most natural to you.  Some people like to practice divination using mirrors as oracles, but I personally haven’t ever had great success with that method.  I guess some things take time and practice.
Is there any advice you have for newcomers when using divination?
I would say take it one step at a time. Opening your heart and spirit to this kind of work takes a lot of courage, focus, and will power.  It’s a sacred space that opens your spirituality up to a higher realm of consciousness – definitely something that can’t be rushed or forged. Be patient with yourself, and spirit also. 
How did you come up with the idea for the Brown Girl Tarot Deck?
Brown Girl Tarot™ came by way of divine inspiration.  I don’t remember the date, nor the moment the thought came in my head.  It was like one day it didn’t exist, and the next day it did.  In my imagination, it feels like the idea was implanted in my head by something not of this world when I was sleeping, and I have no recollection of how it was done. I just remember one night, whilst laying in bed thinking about it, I felt compelled by spirit to raise my hand and reach toward the ceiling.  All I could say out loud, repeatedly was, “thank you…thank you.” I’m divinely grateful for Brown Girl Tarot.
Brown Girl Tarot™ is still raising funds for this project please donate to the fundraiser here, and tell them Lilith Dorsey sent you.  If you would like to preorder the deck you can do that too here. As always if you have enjoyed what you find here on Voodoo Universe please do us a favor and share, share, share !
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