Tapping in to the Infinite Intelligence.

Tapping in to the Infinite Intelligence. November 30, 2009

Napolean Hill wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich and since its publication over 75 years ago, it has sold over 15 million copies. In it, Hill makes a claim that you might not expect from a “get rich” book.

Using the term Infinite Intelligence in lieu of God, Hill claimed that there was a “larger mind” out there, and that it was the true way to find success and happiness. By accessing this Infinite Intelligence, he believed we could tap into a never-ending source of knowledge, power and creativity.

Hill cites the example of Thomas Edison who would retreat to a basement, a place without sound and light, where he would “receive” his ideas, much like a radio picking up a station signal. Hill did much the same in his own life, relying on inner “conversations” to help guide him.

I can vouch for the approach, as well. The answers and guidance are out there, waiting to be received–whether you’re pondering a new business opportunity, a new relationship or any change that impacts your life, big or small.

Some answers may come to you on a hunch or by intuition. Others come more slowly, via time spent in prayer and meditation. And still others come to you when you least expect them, showing up in small lessons that have a larger meaning within the context of life.

In the coming months, I’ll be looking at how we can find the “answers and guidance” that are available to us from the Infinite Intelligence. And how the answers we need often surface in surprising and mysterious ways.

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