Krishna and Jesus Are Not the Same

Krishna and Jesus Are Not the Same January 6, 2016

I like the idea of showing that Jesus is not a special snowflake and unique in world mythology, but so far when people try to show proto-Jesus “myths” they get all the facts wrong and I’m getting pretty sick of the misinformation.

It’s not hard to find stories of the birth of Krishna and yet in all these articles I see absolutely incorrect information about it.

This week I saw one that made claims such as Krishna was born in a manager (in reality he was born in a prison), that his mother was a virgin (in reality she had seven children before him), that shepherds visited him and wise men brought gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold (in prison? No. There were no guests). That Krishna was baptized (what does that even mean for a non-Christian?) and that he rose from the dead (reincarnation makes rising from the dead pretty pointless even if he did).

I don’t want to link to the particular article that I saw this week but I’ve been told by people of the other religions represented that none of the stories are accurate to the Gods in question. I have to wonder what research the author did but then I know it’s not hard to find absurdly untrue stories about Krishna that try to link him to Christ. 

If you want to find historical figures older than Jesus who had similar origin stories I wish you lots of luck but you’ll have to look elsewhere. Krishna does not share all that much in common with Jesus. The only things are that Krishna is an incarnation of God and he performed many miracles. End of similarities.


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  • Sumit Sen

    You are right to there is not much similarities between Krishna and Christ. The earliest manuscript of Vishnu Purana comes much later than Christian period, from Ashoka period. The idea of Krishna as a shepherd God and threatened by a wicked king was taken from the Christ story. By the way I was born on Janmastumi and now I am a Christian pastor.

  • JustSaying

    According to different Panchangs, Krishn was born about 5000 years ago, 3228 BCE and lived for nearly 126 years. So he was quite before anybody’s time. Also there are no parallels between Krishn and some other gods you have mentioned.

  • Romeo

    There was an exodus to Mathura when Kalayavana attacked Krishna.
    Krishna ordered to worship Surabhi, the golden cow during Diwali and Kapila cows, the golden calves.

  • Romeo

    Purusha sacrified himself for the sake of the world. Decode Hindu Mythology blog by Vineet Aggarwal for first man/first woman story … with Time Dilation.

  • Romeo

    Shiva speaks from pillar of fire and that form is known as Lingodhbava.
    Shiva punished the goat-headed arrogant Daksa.
    Shiva destroyed the 3 flying sin cities Tripura.
    Shiva fought the giant Asura race with legendary sword Asi.
    Shiva’s union with Shakti is represented by six pointed star Shatkona, star of Skanda, god of war, commander-in-chief.
    Shiva taught Sanjivini Vidya to Shukra, god of morning star Venus.

  • Kit Walker

    Krishna was an inspiration for Lord Jesus, the almighty God that Jesus called his Father. Krishna himself says, Pitah Ham, meaning, I am the Father.. Jesus is an ideal son of the divine Father Krishna. And yes, both are part and parcel of the all encompassing Brahman, Sat Chid Ananda, like all of us. Degrees of divinity could be additional dimensions of reality (Sat) we were conscious of no?