Why Do Hindus Hate Muslims? [Google Questions Answered]

Why Do Hindus Hate Muslims? [Google Questions Answered] July 24, 2017

I hate this title. I would not choose this title. “Hate” is such a strong word. But Google tells me that people are searching for the phrase “why do Hindus hate Muslims” and so I want to address it. This post is basically a transcript of this video:

Do Hindus Hate Muslims?

First of all, Hindus are peaceful people. Hindu philosophy emphasizes peace, kindness, and seeing others as an extension of yourself. The vast majority of Hindus don’t hate Muslims or anyone else. There are many areas of India where Hindus and Muslims are living side by side. I assume most Muslims are also peaceful people. I don’t know enough Muslims to have an accurate picture and I’m working on fixing that (watch for a post soon about visiting a mosque to get to know local Muslims).

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However, there is a long and difficult history between Hindus and Muslims. Think about the strong reaction many Americans had to 9/11. The shock, the horror, the anger, the determination to fight the ideologies of the aggressors. Then imagine things like that have been happening (targeted at your religion) for hundreds of years. Is it any wonder some Hindus have a lot of fear around Islam?

India was originally all Hindu. Well, not called Hindu because that is not the name we call ourselves. But the people of India were practicing philosophies that we now refer to as Hindu. Muslims invaded and made Hindus second class citizens in their own land. Hindus had to pay extra tax for not being Muslim. That’s an uncomfortable history.

Despite some of the deepest philosophy in the world, many Muslims I encounter consider it backwards and uncivilized. One said he respected all religions except Hinduism. Another, who is writing a blog about interfaith peace, admitted that he could not respect a polytheistic faith. If even he can’t respect Hinduism, what hope is there for peace in our world? 

Some say that both sides are equally to blame for the animosity, but I don’t think that’s true.

See: Hinduism Is Different

There’s a compulsion in Islam (and in Christianity) to convert others and Hinduism has no such need. The only time Hindus try to convert is when they want to bring back people whose ancestors were Hindu and forcibly converted to Islam.

Hindus are dealing with a lot of fear because our religion does not grow in the Borg-like way of Islam and Christianity.

do hindus hate muslims

Both those religions have a mission to wipe out religions that don’t worship their God. We must stand up against the bullies who believe that they need to spread their religion to the entire world. Hindus need protection from the violence and force used to make them convert. Christian missionaries tend to use tricks and bribes these days. There are Muslims currently who are kidnapping and marrying Hindu girls. Hindu pilgrims were recently murdered in Kashmir.

Of course it is not all Muslims or all Christians but with the long history of violence against Hindus and terrorist groups using the philosophy of Islam to justify murder, I think it should be understandable that some Hindus are afraid of Muslims or uncomfortable with Islam.

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  • HumanUmmah

    I’m Muslim but can relate to your experience, sadly. I don’t believe our traditions of intolerance are from Allah (swt), they are man-made, like much of Shari’ah, too. I don’t believe Allah (swt) really wants us to think of Hindus as committing shirk.
    Please be careful about identifying as Hindu if you make contact with your local masjid. I’m not saying not to, just consider it. They would never imagine meeting a white Hindu :-), so you can keep your own religious beliefs private if you want to play it safe.

    • Anup Bhatt

      Brother, Im not claiming that all muslims are perverts. But the way I have heard muslims referring to Hindu women, white women, etc. during my life in India is simply disgusting. Check the website “interfaithxxx.com” and you will realize what they are doing. Encouraging polygamy, seducing Hindu women, trying to get them to elope with them, etc. etc. I have read the quran and I am almost certain even Sharia or quran, as much as I disagree with them, even they don’t allow muslims this kind of disgusting behavior with women.

      Sexual objectification of women is something I’m sure even you must be against, judging by your humble words here. Finally, I’d like to say – I wouldn’t stop a friend or relative if they loved a muslim guy. But I’d sure check it if there were feelings involved; or if it was a case of lust for the kaafir woman. I was shocked when I found about things like this on the internet. Because my dad had muslim friends, my city had muslim population, and I never heard or saw them (elders) behaving like this. But our generation onward I have seen this sexual objectification of kaafir women. Please educate your youth bro.

      • Appi
      • Shez

        Thats what happens when internet suddenly becomes cheap (as in india) but the minds are actually 50 years behind. So the next time anyone comes up with an article why blacks hate whites then whites should come up with random porn blogs were white women are degraded by blacks and and then they have sx.

      • HumanUmmah

        It’s justified in their hearts as jihad for Allah – not the Allah (swt) I believe is real. And our generation is worse, especially with the Internet and the Wahhabi influence over the last decades.
        Please accept my sorrow for the sins of my brothers.

      • WeeboPenguin

        I think “Appi” has proved that it goes both ways.
        Also, pornography is haram. So just shut the hell up now.
        IF this is indeed by muslims, it would be by a small minority in u.k. or something. Lust for kaffir women? i think this is some kind of fetish

  • S Kr

    I would add Christians too to this ‘hate’.
    Out of all minorities in India, Christians and Muslims are the only ones who have problems with Hindus, for reasons you mentioned. All others, even non-Indic communities like Jews and Zoarastrians are at excellent, excellent terms with the Hindus.

    Sometimes I wonder if it was Christians (Brits) or Muslims who did more damage to our civilization !!

    • kartashok

      Commies and Hindu traitors did the most damage. They all need to swing from ropes and get burned in hot tar.

  • Christopher Fici

    I just…can’t…facepalm…enough…

    You say “The vast majority of Hindus don’t hate Muslims or anyone else. There are many areas of India where Hindus and Muslims are living side by side. I assume most Muslims are also peaceful people. I don’t know enough Muslims to have an accurate picture and I’m working on fixing that”

    So…ahem…IF YOU DON’T KNOW ENOUGH MUSLIMS TO HAVE AN ACCURATE PICTURE!!! don’t inflame the situation by posting a little blog saying “gee whiz here’s why Hindus might hate those pesky Muslims (and I’ll throw the Christians in there to)!”

    This is exactly the kind of Hindu self-expression I have no interest in defending. This kind of ignorance which over-generalizes Hinduism as this pure thing (girl you need to read Annihilation of Caste stat) and which over-generalizes Muslims and Christians as these missionary boogey-men. What exactly in constructive about this post?

    There is actually a dire need for American/European-rooted people who identify as Hindus to have a nuanced, intelligent, human dialogue. A dialogue which avoids romanticizing Hinduism. A dialogue which doesn’t devolve or dive into mimicry or uncritical cultural appropriation.

    • Anup Bhatt

      Chris, I don’t know what your background on India is, but having lived there, let me tell you this: Yes, we do live side by side. But the most shocking thing I have discovered is, fundamentalism in a muslim mind survives past education. Meaning, a muslim can be at the forefront of science holding a PhD, an MS, a B.E. or B.Tech. but I have know a few such muslims to be fundamentalists. Fundamentalists who believe that marrying a Hindu or Christian woman and converting her is their responsibility. That encouraging women of other faiths to elope with muslim men is just. They even cheat our women with false promises of money, fame or even age-old romantic love. Agreed, it is a woman’s mistake too if she falls int his trap. But not everyone is educated enough or strong enough to resist seduction and/or temptation. The website “interfaithxxx.com” is one such abomination.

      Another point about the conversion: muslim and christian missionaries bring bibles and qurans to Earthquakes in Nepal, Floods and other natural calamities such as Haiti, etc. And use relief funds to convert the populace. This is religious vampirism. Feeding off the dead or dying, helpless people and converting them by offering help. Feeding off of grief to win the numbers game.

      • WeeboPenguin

        This is just so fucking retarded. Fundamentalists Muslims aren’t going to go to a porn website you idiot! This is Haram. Maybe some descendents of immigrants in u.k. have found pornography and are starting these fetishes online?
        Anyhow. I am against wahabbis spreading in subcontinent, but wahabbis certainly do not do this.

        Also, if a muslim marries a non muslims woman, then it is natural that he would want her to accompany him to paradise soo…

        Muslims don’t do that to convert them lol. Those are christian missionaries that do that in countries like africa and there is prof. But Muslims have not done such things.

        • kartashok

          Why don’t you take yourself to paradise by blowing yourself up, jihadi?

    • Ch Billy

      Two simple questions I want you to answer before being so judgemental about Ambaa:
      1) Among Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, which religions embrace religious exclusivity?
      2) In human history, how many massacres are attributed to the motive of spreading Christianity and spreading Islam and how many are attributed to the motive of spreading Hinduism?

      You say that Ambaa is uncritical of Hinduism in general and hence, her biased opinion has no heft. Let me give the opinion of a person, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, who was probably the biggest hater of Hinduism ever from the same source you have quoted here i.e. Annihilation of Caste (Vol. I, section IX):

      “The Hindus criticize the Mohammedans for having spread their religion by the use of the sword. They also ridicule Christianity on the score of the inquisition. But really speaking who is better and more worthy of our respect—the Mohammedans and Christians who attempted to thrust down the throats of unwilling persons what they regarded as necessary for their salvation or the Hindu who would not spread the light, who would endeavor to keep others in darkness, who would not consent to share his intellectual and social inheritance with those who are ready and willing to make it a part of their own make-up ? I have no hesitation in saying that if the Mohammedan has been cruel the Hindu has been mean and meanness is worse than cruelty.”

      You can see that this opinion partially mirrors the opinion of Ambaa (in the part where both Ambaa and Ambedkar agree about fundamentalism in Christianity and Islam). Now, I would like you to put on your thinking cap and answer me this question: Would you prefer to be in a place where the people with-hold spiritual information from you out of discrimination and be mean to you or in a place where people shove an ideology down your throat accompanied by threats of imminent death and eternal hell-fire? Is Ambedkar truly being unbiased by saying meanness is worse than cruelty? Is there a possibility that Ambedkar’s judgement is colored by his own life experiences as he has faced meanness of caste system but not the cruelty of Christian or Islamic fundamentalism? Ambaa, on the other hand, has genuinely explored Islam and Christianity (you can check her videos on youtube) along with Hinduism. So, I would urge you to make an informed judgement about who is more biased among Ambaa and Ambedkar.

      I am not in favor of birth-based caste system. There are enough Hindu scriptures and thinkers who extol the fact that Varna (the alleged “precursor” of caste) should be based on qualities and actions of people and not their birth. This is just like how modern society assigns a job to the person who is qualified and trained. Agreed that Indian society (not just Hindu society as there are castes among Indian Christians and Indian Muslims and Indian Sikhs) has been suffering from the evils of the birth-based caste hierarchy for quite some time now. But, would you really have a problem with modern Hindu leaders and practitioners who reject the idea of the birth-based caste system completely?

    • kartashok

      American/European-rooted people have no business being Hindus. Hinduism is a genetic religion tied to the genes of the natives of the Indian subcontinent. White people are evil and are enemies to non-whites, they have proven their hatred and genocidal actions towards non-whites for the past 500 years of colonial history, so you should not dominate conversations about what our religion, aka our racial heritage, should be.

    • kartashok

      Why do you white devils identify as Hindus if you want to criticize the religion? Don’t you DARE think that you have the right to “reform” it, or whitewash it. That’s something we as Hindus ourselves have the responsibility to do. If the caste system makes you so angry, why don’t you give your daughter away to an untouchable street sh!tting blackie dalit? Why blame Brahmins all the time? And Muslims and Christians are destroying our culture and heritage. They are in India, we’re not going around converting non-Indians to Hinduism. We don’t even WANT you to be Hindus.

  • Anup Bhatt

    If you want to know more about why Hindus despise muslims, there is a website called “interfaithxxx.com” just visit it and see how they talk about our wives, daughters and sisters. I mean sexual fantasies are not bound by societal norms, I get it. But to openly discuss them on an online forum and facilitate polygamy and to give up all other aspects of a woman and only reducing her to a sexual object, THAT is what I hate. Do I find muslim women attractive ? yes. Am I ever going to start a blog where muslim women can contact me, cheat on their husbands with me, and elope with me ?? No. I’d never do that. Respecting your sexual needs is one thing, and being slaves to your sexuality is another thing. Please respect our women, muslims. We respect yours, no matter what their relation is to you.

    • Appi

      lol you are nuts .. On that site more that 70% are hindu who have that fantasy, and most of the guys with muslim names in the chat are are hindu men using muslim ids as it makes them feel more manly or they have a fantasy. Ask them about kalma, salaat and other islamic question they wont be able to answer any or would take too much time. And the site actually belongs to hindu.
      most porn muslims dont even see porn and on that site muslims were
      chatting on ramadan that too in namaz time how is that possible. ANd you are just advertising the site.
      And shall i show you more vice versa blogs… https://akbaruddinowaisi.tumblr.com

    • Appi

      lol you are nuts .. On that site more that 70% are hindu who have
      that fantasy, and most of the guys with muslim names in the chat room of
      that site are hindu men using muslim ids as it makes them feel more
      manly or they have a fantasy. Ask them about kalma, salaat and other
      islamic question they wont be able to answer any or would take too much
      time. And the site actually belongs to hindu. A pious muslim would
      never run a porn site, on that site I saw muslims
      chatting on ramadan that too in namaz time how is that possible. ANd you are just advertising the site.
      And shall i show you more vice versa blogs…
      And shall i show you more vice versa blogs… https://akbaruddinowaisi.tumblr.com
      http://mymuslimsluts.com there are more i can show u. Go to (use anonymoux or zenmate plugin or a proxy if you cant access it)
      http://blasphemoussex.com/forums/ and then you will realize that interfaithxxx is nothing.

    • Appi
    • S Kr

      Dude .. this is a porn site. I get your angst, but the example you are quoting is just dumb. There are hundreds of such sites with bizarre fetishes.
      This. is. stupid.

    • WeeboPenguin

      dude. that is a porn site. “xxx” .Majority of Muslims aren’t really a sex-based culture and see sex/ nudity as taboo let alone talk about fucking your wives and daughters and sisters

  • Ananth Sethuraman

    A few words about the concepts (i) Devi/Shaitan/Iblis (ii) Shirk (iii) But parastati would help the discussion. Likewise the small number of Muslim intelligentsia in the last 150 years. Liberal non-Muslim intellectuals cannot substitute for a real Muslim intelligentsia.

  • Shez

    These days we see more hindu radicals hating on muslims, on the internet.
    They even hate the kid coz the mother was hindu and hubby was muslim. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dfef078e36180fcee25a2a77ac6b1d1054aaa08bbedcfa5929580ab58abc4aab.png

    • S Kr

      Dear Troll,
      People hate this name “Taimur” because of his barbaric invasions of India.
      It’s like a German Christian naming their kid Adolf Hitler.
      Stop spreading random bullshit propaganda which can easily be trashed.

    • mjm

      strange, most muslims say a muslim man can’t marry a hindu.

    • kartashok

      No one more RIGHTFULLY deserves hatred than Muslims. You killed 80 million Hindus. A few million of you dying is a GREAT thing.

  • Shez
    • mjm

      lots of communal violence in india. most everyone sees their own group as very peaceful. i’m not sure what scale is used to measure such a thing? murder rates? incidents of mob violence? terror attacks?

  • Shez
    • kartashok

      Why is this white c*nt even IN India to begin with? If she’s so scared for her safety, white supremacist Amerikkka is a more suitable location for her?

  • awaraarawa

    Face palm is my first reaction. Same reaction as I read the ‘visting a mosque’ post. I will caveat that it might certainly have been a major leap of ‘faith’ for a US raised person without the multi-cultural background of folks from outside of the US. Not meant to be judgmental but more of an observation of the gaps and reflection of the individual experiences.

    Having said that, let me share a simple model that helps me. Read the post after all instances of the word ‘Hindu’ is replaced with the word ‘Human’ and all instances of Muslim is replaced by Martians. Next do the same, in this case, replace all instances of Hindus with Martians and all instances of Muslims with Humans. Interesting and revealing, isn’t it?

  • mjm

    excellent article ambaa can you post it over on global religions on disqus? or can i link it.


  • Sujay Rao Mandavilli

    Differentiate between Hindutva and Hinduism

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli