Underage Girls Allegedly Trafficked as Sex Slaves for Keith Raniere

Underage Girls Allegedly Trafficked as Sex Slaves for Keith Raniere July 28, 2018
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Yesterday I wrote a piece on Allison Mack and her involvement in NXIVM’s DOS program. Mack billed the DOS program as a female empowerment sorority. However, the group recruited other female members to serve as sexual slaves to Keith Raniere.

After I finished my piece, I jumped on Twitter and posted the article. Within a few hours, I got a private message from a Twitter user suggesting I look into information about child trafficking the media isn’t reporting on. One of the charges in the indictment against Mack and Raniere is child labor and trafficking.

The user directed me to a man that has been following this story for years. Frank Parlato runs a blog called the Frank Report, and for years he’s been outlining the shady dealings of the NXIVM group. I first learned about Frank from an episode of Vice on HBO. He worked for Raniere for several years. Their relationship soured, and he started blowing the whistle on NXIVM.


I watched the piece on Vice in May after news broke. Following the documentary, I spent time digging through his blog. However, I never saw the content related to Child Trafficking.

Yesterday I dug through the archives, and the allegations made by Frank are both startling and disgusting.

Frank wrote extensively in 2017 about a group of underage girls from Mexico that suddenly showed up in Albany, New York. A female DOS Slave Rosa Laura Junco allegedly housed 11 girls from Chihuahua, Mexico. The girls ranged in age from 11-17. According to Frank, Rosa persuaded families to send their children here with the promise of high school education and future job opportunities.

Frank’s blog details eyewitness accounts of the girls in Albany. Many of the girls described Raniere as creepy to neighbors they met in local parks.

When the girls arrived, Frank alleges they did not receive the promised education. Instead, Junco and others taught them classes from Raniere’s Executive Success Program. The girls also received training related to gender and sexuality.

Raniere made himself available to teach classes on gender and sexuality. According to eyewitnesses, they saw Raniere kiss the girls on the lips and hugged them pelvis to pelvis.

The girls lived in homes of various NXIVM members. Members forced the girls to clean their homes, watch their children, act as personal assistants, and cook for the families. Frank asserts that Allison Mack was in charge of delegating the work responsibilities of the girls. He also speculates she may have been grooming the children for sex with Raniere.

Members forced many of the girls to go on strict 500-day calorie diets. Raniere told the girls women don’t need many calories to survive. Girls grew leary of Raniere, and many of them were uncomfortable. However, sources reveal several of the girls rejected the strict diet.

In another story Frank alleges, Raniere taught the girls that adults having sex with children is ok as long as there is no pain. He suggested that in some cultures it’s normal for mothers to perform oral sex on their children. Girls were told that fathers are attracted to their teenage daughters, and it’s acceptable to stroke their father’s penis.

There is speculation that parents may have learned from their daughters about the teachings. In May 2017, the girls abruptly left Albany right just before the scandal of the cult went viral. Frank suspects that Raniere may have done more than kiss them on the lips and hug their pelvises.

Raniere has a long history of pedophilia allegations made by numerous women. A woman claimed Raniere raped her more than 60 times when she was 12 years old. She later committed suicide.

Earlier this month, Frank also reported Allison Mack might have been grooming an eight-year-old girl. Neighbors of Mack witnessed Mack fondling the eight-year-old by rubbing her chest. Eyewitnesses say the relationship appeared inappropriate.

Prosecutors have been tight-lipped about the details of the child trafficking and forced labor aspect of this case. At this point, we only know allegations made by Frank from sources within the NXIVM group and neighbors that met the girls.

The trial is set for Raniere on Mack for October 1, 2018. Prosecutors may be saving these details for court. We will have to wait and see.

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  • digital bookworm

    Looking forward to the trial. Wonder if he’ll try a religious freedom defense.

  • Me too! I have so many questions about the trial and what it will look like. This week his defense attornies said that members are “exaggerating” about the harm he caused.

  • digital bookworm

    Prosecutors should be trying to locate those girls from Mexico.

  • Raging Bee

    Not in this case. His alleged crimes are too serious, and he’s not the right flavor of the right religion to have “religious freedom,” ifyouknowwhatimean…

  • Based on my sources from Twitter and what I uncovered at The Frank Report, the girls are all from Chihuahua Mexico from well-off families. My guess is they have been located because the charges against the two include trafficking across international borders.

  • Totally! His religion is “new age” flavor like Landmark Forum or even Scientology.

  • My guess is the defense will be around consent along with victim blaming.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    FYI folks, I fucking LIVE here. This shit was MY neighborhood and I had no damn clue. I don’t know which I want to do more, shoot myself, or gun down these evil assholes. No, I don’t and never will get a gun. Just hurts to find out that shit like this happens right next door.

  • Berkley Coupon

    Trial has been moved to January 2019.

  • I cannot image! That must be so frustrating!

  • Gah!