A Letter to the Blessed Boss Ladies of Social Media

A Letter to the Blessed Boss Ladies of Social Media August 5, 2018
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Hey Girl,

I see you and your fabulous posts on Social Media.

Actually, it would be impossible to miss how incredible your life is given you post about 15 times a day.

You are a #BossBabe, #Mompreneur, and kicking butt and taking names in your business.

All those trips and cruises you go on for selling those products is pretty amazeballs.

Gee, I wish I could have that life.

Oh, wait, no I don’t. Because your life is a scam, lie, and marketing ploy to recruit others to be your MLM minions.

Listen, I know you probably got involved with that company so you could earn some extra cash for your family. If I know anything about raising kids, there is nothing cheap about them.

Kids want to play sports. Kids need clothes, food, toys, and shelter. All of that adds up. I’m sure that’s what drove you to become that awesome #BossBabe you are.

The upline that recruited you promised you the world. They told you about all the extra money they have, and all the trips, homes, clothes and cars they can buy now.

You watched videos of other women at the top of the company tell you how much financial freedom they had now. All of those stories and the pull to become independently wealthy allured you to the products.

I mean who doesn’t want to be financially secure?

Noone I know.

You jumped into that company to sell the products. The first few months your friends and family were probably really excited to help you. You might have even made a few sales in the early days.

However, you probably realized the commissions on sales weren’t enough, and you needed to recruit more people.

Determined not to lose your stake in business ownership, you put on your big girl panties and changed your game. You took a big swig of that #Bossbabe Kool-aid and recruited your friends to sell the products too.

Your upline told you that you need to get others to sell underneath you. Despite your reservations about harassing others, you got started on your recruitment journey.

Social Media is the best place to find your new victim…er…I mean recruits. With enthusiasm, you took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to tell everyone about how Blessed you are to work from home.

Photos of you wearing expensive clothes, and eating out at posh restaurants are hashtagged with Blessed, Mompreneur, Boss babe, and Best life.

There is no way this Social Media campaign will fail. I mean your upline is promising you all the riches in the world.

Why would they lie?

They Would never lie to you!

Soon you start to get recruits. Your new “team members” become your fast friends. In your real life though, your real friends are dropping like flies.

Friends you’ve had for years don’t recognize the person you have become. Some of them might try to tell you their concerns about your company. A few of them even call it a scam or pyramid scheme.

To reassure yourself, you bring your concerns to your Upline at the company. Your new besties laugh at the idea you are involved in a scam.

They call your friends haters and jealous of your success.

You are told to ignore them or even to stop talking to them all together.

The upline reminds you that you don’t need that negativity in your life.

You Agree!

The friends that are concerned about you are haters and super jealous of you. Instead of listening to them, you fight back and unfriend them.

Left and right you start to cut everyone out of your life. When you finish cleaning house, the only people left are your new besties from your company.

They get you, believe in you, and love you.

You want to live the fabulous life. Your new besties have convinced you that you deserve a #Blessed life.

Over the years, you have climbed up the ranks of the company. When you look below you, there is a beautiful little pyramid of recruits making you cash every single day. Life feels good.

Then you start to realize that the money you are making isn’t enough. $30,000 a month won’t give you the lifestyle you want. You need more recruits and more money. Suddenly, you start manipulating everyone below you to bring in even more friends to your company.

You have a large downline now, and you are on top of the world. When your downline comes to you with concerns, you hand them the same script your upline told you. You remind them everyone that doesn’t support them is a hater and jealous of their success.

Over time, you notice a lot of your downline is disappearing. People are quitting the business. You tell them it’s their fault for not working the “business” correctly. Friendships you have had for years implode. They accuse you of lying to them and scamming them out of money. You don’t care though because you have the blessed life you always wanted.

The clothes you use to buy at Target are traded in for $180 jeans from Nordstroms. You get your hair and nails done weekly. At the annual sales conferences, you pump your fists on stage and tell all the women watching you that they can be Bossbabes too.

Honey, I know the truth about you though.

You might have started out with good intentions. However, this company has turned you into a greedy, ruthless, and horrible person. Your values have morphed from caring about others to looking at all people as an opportunity to make you more money. Somehow you’ve figured out how to ignore the damage and destruction you cause to everyone around you.

None of that matters to you.

I don’t know how you sleep at night. Destroying and demeaning others isn’t a cute look. Conning others to join your team is deceitful and immoral. You know deep down in your heart 99% of those women will fail. Every day that you recruit someone, you steal their joy, assets, and for many their life savings.

Being a Boss babe is a pretty crappy job to have.

Sure, you have all the money YOU WANT. However, you got all of that at the expense of others.

Imagine for a minute all the lives you have destroyed to drive your car, take those trips, and buy those expensive jeans.

While you are enjoying the Blessed Life, your former recruits are filing for bankruptcy, facing foreclosure, and getting divorced.

All of the people you scammed know the real you. They know you put your greed above everything else.

So Shut up about your Blessed Life and quit preying on your friends.

Stealing from your friends doesn’t make you blessed.

It makes you a jerk.


The Anti-Boss babe

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