Should Betsy DeVos’ Foreign Yacht Really Surprise Us?

Should Betsy DeVos’ Foreign Yacht Really Surprise Us? August 8, 2018
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Betsy DeVos is in the news today for all the wrong reasons. Newsweek published an article yesterday about her family registering a $40 million yacht to the Cayman Islands. Since she became the U.S Secretary of Education, she’s been trying her hardest to destroy the public education system in America. Her administration has rolled back Obama era policies that protected the rights of transgender children and those related to children that qualify for special education. If not for Congress stepping up and increasing the Education Budget, DeVos would have slashed $9 billion from her Federal budget. News of her family owning a yacht registered in the Cayman Islands should come as no surprise.

Betsy DeVos’s family wealth stems from their ownership of Amway. Amway is a Multi-Level Marketing company. In 2010, they were slapped with a $150 million judgement in 2010 for fraud as a result of a class-action lawsuit. Since 2010, there have been numerous allegations the company continues to be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Her families track record of doing the right thing and not exploiting others is pretty crappy. When I read today that her family registers luxury yachts in the Cayman Islands, I was not surprised. Owning a yacht in the United States isn’t cheap. Owners are subject to sales and use taxes. Betsy doesn’t like to spend money.

Owning a yacht means you need staff and crew to manage the vessel. When owners register yachts within the U.S., they are subject to labor laws, employment taxes, workmen’s compensation requirements, and Social Security taxes. Foreign governments like the Cayman Islands are widely known for their offering anonymity for individuals that want to hide their wealth.

The Cayman Islands are a tax-free government. Her family saves a boatload of cash by using the Cayman Islands for registration. They save money on various taxes and don’t have to adhere to the labor laws of the United States. On a $40 million dollar, yacht their annual savings could easily be millions of dollars.

As if saving money isn’t incentive enough for the yacht registration, they also avoid U.S. Government regulations by the Coast Guard. When owners register their vessels abroad, they do not have to meet U.S. Coast Guard certification and inspection requirements. Owners can skimp out on meeting safety requirements by registering the boat in the Cayman Islands.

Basically, the DeVos family doesn’t want to deal with the U.S. Government and all their dang requirements. Betsy DeVos doesn’t appear to like the tax burdens that come with being extremely wealthy.

If she doesn’t want to pay taxes for owning luxury items, why on earth would she want to pay for public education?

Oh wait, she doesn’t care about public education. Her budget proposal sought to reduce funding for the lowest income children in public schools. She attempted to get rid of after-school programs and get rid of grants to help low-income children go to college.

Betsy DeVos has no problem earning money. However, Newsweek’s article further proves the lengths she will take to protect her money. The discovery of her families foreign yachts shouldn’t surprise any of us.

What should surprise us is why she still has a job.

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  • Jim Jones

    Betsy DeVos’s summer home deserves a special place in McMansion Hell


  • adhoc

    Trump only hires the best people.

  • It looks like Trumpligulamygdala is dyin’ to grab him some Betsy. I bet she said:

    “Just keep on playin’ pocket pool, Donny. My brother would whack your ass in a heartbeat, should I get that “Goosed” look on my face!”

  • papaegoro1821

    A fine sample of CREATIVE writing with speculations as the main substance to the “matter”…

  • Everything is linked to her corruptness. All backed with sources. Carry on

  • Daffodil

    That’s her summer home!?

  • Jim Jones

    She probably has 10 ‘homes’. So much money from shit like AMWAY, they can’t give it away fast enough.

  • all the money she stole from people

  • Otto

    Her resume of being a shitty person in a shitty family is rather long…maybe you could point to something positive she has accomplished in her position.

  • rubaxter

    We’re talking the bester-est examples of the ‘Murican “Screw You I Got Mine” class. Ignorant fools who lucked into success and have fawning brown noses all around them to convince them they succeeded because they’re ‘smarter’ as opposed to just greedier.

    But, Goober and Teabagger Nations don’t care as long as they’re ‘sticking it to Obama’ and all of Obama’s Welfare Queens. I remember growing up listening to these lusers as a kid who was ‘white like us’ but smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

    They resent anyone else getting breaks like ‘this guy my Dad knows can bet me a job’, and they especially hate unions cuz they never got into one so they could retire in place at age 20.

  • Jim Baerg

    “Betsy DeVos has no problem earning money.”
    Betsy DeVos has no problem stealing money.
    Running a MLM pyramid scheme cannot be considered to be ‘earning’ money.

  • very true!

  • papaegoro1821

    Betsy DeVos is a shitty person in a shitty family says you?
    I leave her resume to hold waters or sink on its own.
    I happen to know that family in ada Michigan.
    Her father in law passed away not long ago, but left a memoir that you and EVERY “american” can benefit in reading.

  • papaegoro1821

    “Linked to her corruptness” say you?
    Take a look in a printed/paper bound dictionary for the definition of/on curruption and any variation related to that word…
    “All backed with sources. Carry on”
    I’ll tell you a story:
    Over 500 years ago, The Spanish Inquisition destroyed many lives in their effort to sustain their ignorance and fear…
    A little farther back, The Holy Catholic Church believed the earth was flat and also killed every one who dare to challenge their believes… ignoring the fact that believing beyond what one can see, understand, and accept… is a taxing challenge the ignorants do not want to pay…

  • Sophotroph

    Yeah, her resume says she’s a shitty person too. It’s one of the highlights.

    But good on you for stickin’ it to the libs! Posts with substantive content are for suckers!

  • papaegoro1821

    Some times embracing some of the human advances in the areas of what makes humanity -HUMAN- like some mannerism in thinking, evolving from the stone age…
    Personal Philosophies, or Philosophy of Life (which is nothing more than a way of thinking, which determines all human conduct) adapts and changes as the human experiences teaches us that survival actually requires of us humans to evolve or perish!
    In short: a practical personal philosophy can teach us that: “When Nothing Is Good Enough for the Boys, Given them Nothing…”
    Let this one think in as deep as human pissible on the minds of subversive elements so adamant at cutting the tree belloe where they are upon…

  • James Walsh

    Not to mention, (the article doesn’t) this is only one of ten yachts owned by the DeVos family. “Let them eat cake”.