Sex Slave Cult Leader Planned to Take Over Mexico

Sex Slave Cult Leader Planned to Take Over Mexico August 10, 2018
Photo Credit YouTube – Conversations with Keith Raniere


Catherine Oxenberg’s new book came out on Tuesday. As expected her book details new allegations about the cult that are salacious and juicy.  Oxenberg said Keith had a lot of plans. One of those plans was to rule the world. He wanted to start his journey of world domination by infiltrating and controlling Mexico. I’m not sure if Keith knows, but Mexico isn’t top on the list as a foreign powerhouse. However, sounds like he had an in with Emiliano Salinas, son of former president Carlos Salinas. Keith even used his harem to lure and manipulate men in power in Mexico. Ultimately, he wanted to take over the Mexican Government.

In an excerpt, Oxenberg writes,

“Keith had been playing and positioning his devoted follower Emiliano Salinas as his pawn for years while Emi’s family groomed him to follow in his father’s political footsteps. From what I heard from high-ranking defectors, the supposed plan was to get Emi into office in Mexico’s next Presidential election in the summer of 2018 so that a top-ranking Espian and Nxivm devotee would have power on the world’s political stage. His father, Carlos, would use his Machiavellian methods to ensure his son’s election win, and then Keith would use Emi as his puppet and rule Mexico.”

She continued, “Espian men in Mexico had been signing up for the newly rolled out men’s course, SOP (Society of Protectors) in droves. It was promoted as the counterpart to that misogynistic course I’d unwittingly hosted less than a year earlier, Jness. While the men thought that they were being trained to become honorable, noble protectors of humanity, they were actually being molded to serve as mindless soldiers in Keith’s perverse army—the sole goal of which was to protect Vanguard [Raniere] and his harem.”

She told the Daily Beast that she learned he also used his harem to persuade influential men in Mexico. I’m guessing influencing the men didn’t include a lot of talking if you know what I mean.

I get the impression that Keith has a very grandiose sense of self. Having a harem of dozens of women at his beck and call wasn’t enough for Keithy boy. Nope, Keith is a man hungry for power. Power over women wasn’t good enough for Keith. Sounds like he desperately needed to control men.

I get the sense this guy was a total nerd in high school. He’s got goofy hair, thick glasses, and he seems slight in stature. Not that being a nerd is a bad thing, but I think it shaped his identity. He is a guy with a massive chip on his shoulder. As he moved into adulthood, he needed to be the most successful, most affluent, and have the most beautiful women. Honestly, little Keithy sounds like a dude with terrible self-esteem and one who is compensating for something he lacks. Instead of doing good things for the world, he used that chip to destroy and hurt hundreds of people.

Catherine drops a lot of bombs in her new book. For more salacious details, you can pick up her book on Amazon.

Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult

Get reading folks.

This story is getting juicy.

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