How to Locate Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse in Your Area

How to Locate Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse in Your Area August 21, 2018


Recently I shared a story about my childhood priest. I located my community priest’s name on a list of priests accused of committing sexual assaults or abuses against children or members. A reader suggested I provide resources to my readers on how to locate abusive priests. I believe that if more Catholics researched their dioceses, they would realize problem priests are not a minority in the church. I will provide details on how to locate problem priests in your area.

In order to find a priest from my former church, I conducted a google search that took me to a database called Bishop Accountability. Bishop Accountability is a website dedicated to housing a long list of all priests, bishops, and cardinals accused of sexual abuse. The site includes news, archives of cases, a database of the accused, and updates on ongoing litigation.

Bishop Accountability sources all of their data from diocesan records. Information is sourced from survivors networks, law enforcement records, and research conducted by Bishop Accountability. Through this research, they estimated in 2012 to have 6,275 priests in their database. However, their database grows daily and is on-going. The database includes priests from 1950 to present.

On the website, there is a search tool for individuals to look for specific priests. Searches can be done by a diocese, last name of the priest, or by state. Records indicate accusations, assignments of the accused priests, and sources for the accusations.

I used this tool to locate my former childhood Priest Gerry Grieman:

A screenshot below details the accusations, the diocese in which they are alleged to have occurred, and sources for the accusations.

Individuals can also use the search feature to review an entire diocese. This feature is helpful to determine how many problem priests are in one area. I grew up in Minneapolis. Our local diocese is St. Paul-Minneapolis. A quick search of the diocese brings up this:

The records indicate Bishop Accountability located 77 accused priests within my local diocese.

Whether you are a current Catholic or recovering Catholic like me, every Catholic needs to know this information. Until yesterday, I only knew my former priest abruptly moved to another church. After my discovery, I realized the church moved him to get rid of a problem within my congregation.

There is a startling pattern in most cases. Victims reported abuse by a priest to the diocese. Instead of the priest losing their jobs, the priests moved around the diocese or to other parts of the country. My former priest is now in good standing in Arizona. Pretty scary considering two victims accused him of similar offenses around the same time.

The Catholic Church wants you to believe these priests are a minority. They are blaming it on homosexuality. I have a hard time believing either of those arguments given the thousands of priests accused of abuse and rape.

I encourage all Catholics to search the database. Educate yourselves on your diocese. Review the records of priests in the database.

Take a stand and get informed.

No more children should be harmed at the hands of a criminal institution like the Catholic Church.

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  • Michael Neville

    When I was going to a Catholic boys high school the younger students were warned about two of the brothers by other students. I’ve just looked up both of them on the list. They’re there. While I was never sexually abused, one of them lashed me on the bare buttocks (in front of the rest of the class) with a rattan cane because I asked him a question he couldn’t answer. I still have scars on my buttocks over 50 years later.

  • omg that’s awful!

  • Raging Bee

    You STILL have scars?! That strongly implies that “brother” really really REALLY wanted to hurt you, and got his back far more into it than any decent teacher would. That’s not just strict discipline, that’s pure sadism.

  • Michael Neville

    That was Louis Meinhardt, who I consider one of the three worst teachers I’ve ever had. The man was a sadist and his day wasn’t fulfilled unless he’d caned a boy.

  • I agree! that’s awful!

  • The Bofa on the Sofa

    I don’t know how anyone could look at that website and not conclude that the Catholic Church has a serious, serious problem. Almost every diocese has had instances! The local diocese is relatively clean, with “only” 5 or so offenders. My old diocese growing up has 28, I see. And it’s not like it is known for it’s abuse history. I have to admit, I have heard some about what’s going on but never realized how extensive it really is.

    Now, what I’d like to see is a similar list of abusive nuns. There it wasn’t so much sexual abuse, but make no mistake, abuse nonetheless. The stories of the abusive nuns are legendary, but in my experience, there were abusive nuns and then there were those who were beyond that. The types that actually did get run out of town when they were discovered, and where the church similarly shuffled them around.

    My 2nd grade teacher was the beyond abusive type. She finally got run out of town a couple years after I went through her class. I don’t know where she ended up, though. Hopefully not teaching anywhere else, but you never know. There aren’t many people against whom I hold a grudge, but she is one. I will never forgive her for what she put us through. She is the one person for whom I wish there was a hell for her to be in. If I saw her on the street these days, I’d probably knock her down (and she’s probably more than 90 years old, if that).

  • Syzygy

    In my junior high school, 7, 8 & 9 grades, in inner-city Detroit, all but a few kids carried a switchblade, even a lot of girls. Mr. Meinhardt probably would not have lived thru a semester.

  • Tuna

    Names of Canadian Roman Catholic clergy and religious publicly accused, sued and/or charged:

  • Glad to see you boldly call the RCC what it is, a criminal organization. You might add it perpetrates a huge hoax on its parishioners, the lie of existence of gods and the positive value of church dogma.

  • OH it’s a HUGE scam

  • Thank you!

  • Louise

    Instead of going to all the trouble of finding errant priests—an exercise that would have to be repeated monthly or weekly, why not just leave the church altogether? Believe me, you be better off all around. The way the church is set up and run, has intrinsic flaws in it. I doubt anything other than a complete overhaul would begin to fix it. The church is patrirchal, misogynistic and run by damaged priests. The celibacy requirement assures that it has and will continue to draw in flawed men, more often than not, pedophiles. The requirement that priests must be male is another reason for the problem. The church has been and is run by sexually repressed pedophilic men with no input or control by women. No wonder it’s having the problems it’s having. But the church refuses to do what would solve the problem. Stop the inhuman requirement of celibacy and allow women priests with the same power as male priests have. But the church would rather hang onto “tradition” then fix the basic problem. Instead it tries to make end runs around it, most of which have failed completely. So IMO the only chance decent men and women have is to leave the church and keep your kids out of it until it comes to its senses. Which will probably take 100 years or more, if ever. I left the church when I was in my early 20s for reasons of logic. I have never regretted it. You can live a good life without it—a better life than with it.

  • Louise

    Nuns are abusive because they are powerless and repressed in the church. The convent draws women who are already psycholgically damaged, just as the priesthood does. Until the church allows women priests with the same power as male priests and drops the inhumane requirement of celibacy, it will continue to draw in flawed people and pedophilia and abuse from nuns will continue unabated.

  • Oh I agree. I left the church years ago. My hopes of sharing are that people leave the church.

  • I agree. The patriarchy is the problem.