Mother Overdoses after Murdering Son with Severe Disabilities

Mother Overdoses after Murdering Son with Severe Disabilities August 27, 2018
Photo Credit Central Oregan Disability Support Network

An Oregan woman shot and killed her severely disabled son last week. Tashina Aleine Jordan attempted suicide following the death of her son. A relative found Tashina unconscious and contacted authorities. A note found on the scene indicated the murder was part of a murder/suicide plot by the mother. Early reports suggested the mother was close to death, but authorities expect her to make a full recovery.

Mason was a 7-year-old boy that has severe disabilities. Reports indicate he had cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and blindness in one eye. Due to his limitations, he required fulltime care to eat, bathe, and dress. According to the family, he was unable to walk and used a wheelchair.

Mason was born healthy. However, he suffered multiple illnesses as an infant. Friends told various news outlets he had undergone numerous surgeries in the past year. Despite his illnesses and disabilities, family and friends described Mason as a very happy boy.

Tashina raised Mason on her own. She and Mason lived in a home they shared with her mother. Mason’s father left Tashina following Mason’s diagnosis. Family and friends described her as a dedicated mother. She homeschooled Mason.

Additionally, she served on the board of directors for Central Oregan Disability Support Network. Through this organization, Tashina helped parents raising children with disabilities.

None of her family or friends said she exhibited any signs of depression or anxiety.

Because she is still recovering, authorities are yet to understand a motive for the attempted murder/suicide.

Tashina has not been charged with any crimes yet.

My thoughts are with Mason’s remaining family. Children with disabilities face abuse at higher rates than typically developing peers. Studies completed estimate children, like Mason, are 3.44 times more likely to be abused.

Tashina is expected to make a full recovery. Charges are pending.

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