Sheriff Candidate says Abused Women should Submit to Spouses

Sheriff Candidate says Abused Women should Submit to Spouses August 5, 2018

Earlier this week I wrote about how law enforcement officers often don’t believe victims of rape. Today I I found a candidate in Milwaukee County Sherriff’s race in Wisconsin with an anti-woman position. News outlets have uncovered podcasts from a candidate running as a Democrat. The content of the podcasts appears to be contradictory to the Democrat platform. Acting County Sherriff Rich Schmidt instructed women in disastrous marriages to submit to their husbands and condemned abortions. A second sermon spoke out against same-sex marriage.

Now I’m not a genius, but I’m pretty sure the democratic party endorses same-sex marriage and equality for women.  I’m a little bit puzzled how this candidate is running as a Democrat.

The Wisconsin Gazette noted a few quotes from his podcasts that would make most active Democrats Cringe:

“When we look at these things (same-sex marriage) as Christians, and from the Bible, we certainly have some issues with things that have recently been approved,” he said. “We must as Christians decide to take a stand on these biblical principles as inconsistent with Christian values.”

They also break down his thoughts on abortion:

In his sermon that addressed reproductive rights, Schmidt condemned abortion as mass slaughter and suggested that contraception is unacceptable in biblical terms. He quoted the Book of Jeremiah, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb,” suggesting that life is preordained and not to be thwarted.

His views on women in bad marriages were as follows:

“If someone is struggling and their marriage is just in a disaster, and even whether  — it doesn’t even have to be a marriage, it could be one of their children, it could be a parent — and they’re just in conflict, what you’re saying is, get off God’s throne, submit yourself to that person and love that person,” Schmidt said on the podcast.

Again, I’m no rocket scientist, but I am a registered Democrat. Our party does not align with pro-life in regards to abortion. We support same-sex marriage. Additionally, we support equal rights for women. Either this guy has changed his tune on these topics, or he is pulling the wool over the eyes of the Democratic voters.

When pushed for a comment on the podcasts, the candidate said told Fox 6 that no woman in an abusive situation should remain there. He suggested all women that find themselves in that position to find a safe place to go.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he could have changed his mind on these topics. However, the sermons magically got deleted off the internet the following evening.

Something isn’t smelling right in Wisconsin.

I think a Republican Sherriff is posing as a Democrat to get elected.

Organizations that previously supported his candidacy are starting to balk at his positions. Women’s March Wisconsin Spokes Person Sara Pearson made the following statement after learning of the sermons:

“The remarks made by Sheriff Schmidt in recordings that have recently surfaced suggest he is not the kind of sheriff that women in Milwaukee County need to take a solutions-based and violence-ending approach to domestic abuse. In a sermon in which domestic violence is discussed, Schmidt urges anyone in a ‘disastrous marriage’ to submit to their spouse. He does not mention contacting law enforcement, seeking refuge at an emergency shelter, or removing oneself from an abusive environment.

“We know it is not enough to submit to and love one’s spouse or partner when abuse occurs. Action is required. Milwaukee County needs a sheriff who will take tangible steps to stop domestic violence.

“These recordings of Sheriff Schmidt, in addition to the abuse scandals that occurred in Milwaukee County jails on his watch, do not give Women’s March Wisconsin confidence in his leadership of the department.”

I guess we will have to see what happens in the primary. Several organizations are now endorsing Schmidt’s competitor, Earnell Lucas.

Stay Tuned.

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  • I’ve often heard it said that many Democrats are “Republican Lite.” This joker is Republican Extra Strong.

  • Right? I was like there is NO WAY. Glad I’m not the only one seeing this

  • TheBookOfDavid

    Or perhaps it’s a case of Democrats chasing the shifting Overton Window, in order to appear “centrist”, so fast that they crossed over into biblical misogyny territory. There are plenty of Blue Dogs staking out positions almost this awful on flyover turf after all, and this county previously elected sheriff David Clarke.

  • Lucy

    I don’t think that’s the case here. After all, the man said in other sources that he was perfectly okay with revealing that he didn’t agree with the Republican position, and apparently was trying to hide the fact that he held these Republican misogynistic beliefs (which included deleting that sermon), which suggests that in this case, it isn’t a Democrat chasing the Overton Window, or even a case of someone who might have been considered Republican in earlier years going with the Democrats because the Republicans shifted far to the right while the person’s beliefs basically stayed where they were (which is also a thing we see).

    Rather, it seems like this man is basically a Republican taking advantage of both those trends to pose as a Democrat, which is easy in a climate of increasing extremism among Republicans that far outweighs the degree to which Democrats moved to the left, and certain left or center-left people moving right so as not to seem extreme in this situation. In a political climate like that, yes, it is very easy for someone who would still be considered a dyed-in-the-wool Republican if he so chooses to pass as a Democrat, whether they pretended to be a former disaffected Republican or they simply pretended to be a less extreme Democrat while hiding key Republican beliefs they hold. Moral of the story – pay attention to anything funny that comes up, just in case your politician that you think is a Democrat just so happens to be a Republican in disguise (even doing your homework won’t help here because a person like that would conceal your beliefs, so the paying attention to anything funny is the most important thing). And also hope that not too many Republicans are pulling this particular stunt, while noting that the ones who do are likely hungry for power, since that’s the sort of thing that would motivate people to lie like that.

  • Jennny

    I’m in the Uk so can’t comment on your politcal scene. But, citation please Sheriff, statistics, how many ‘godly’ submissive abused women have had their marriages ‘healed’, become all sweetness and light by submission? I do know that many victims believe they just need to double down (and pray harder if they’re x-tians) and their spouses will stop and of course they don’t. By staying you are feeding the abuser’s addiction** Just flee…he may not be hurting your children – yet, but once they are old enough to try to protect you, they may well get hurt as dad thinks they are pathetic for siding with their mother. It will get worse, your life is in danger ultimately.

    ** I was challenged by a commenter on this topic who said it’s not an addiction…so call it an obsession then…either way it ain’t gonna stop without major intervention, such as proper (non-church) counselling.

  • very true. I’m not a centrist – so it’s hard for me to understand. Though I know very few in the party that are that conservative

  • Jennifer

    Talk about a troll in the dungeon.