Pastor and Principal Charged with 12 Sex Crimes Against a Minor

Pastor and Principal Charged with 12 Sex Crimes Against a Minor September 3, 2018

A small town Baptist pastor is in jail following an arrest last week on more than a dozen sex-related charges associated with minors. Kevin Scott Heffner, 48, is a pastor at Victory Baptist Church in Ruffin North Carolina. He is also the principal at the church’s school Victory Baptist Academy. His charges relate to investigation authorities conducted over the past month.

Heffner was charged with 12 counts of disseminating obscene materials to minors. Two additional charges are related to statutory sex offenses. Fox 8 of High Point, North Carolina obtained a copy of the arrest warrant. Heffner sent photos of his genitalia to a victim under the age of 15 years old. In other words, Old Pastor Heffner sent some dick pics to a kid. That’s exceptionally unbiblical of you, Pastor Kevin.

In his first court appearance on Thursday, August 30th, the court issued him a no-contact order with the victim or the victims family. Additionally, he was ordered not to make any contact with state witnesses. The judge set his bail at $1 million.

Victory Baptist church describes itself as a small independent and fundamental church via KJV Churches. They believe the King James version of the Bible is the inspired word of God. Reports indicate the school has under 30 total children in the program. The school teaches grades 3-12.

Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches or IFB are some of the most conservative Baptist churches out there. They follow fundamental and strict guidelines of the Bible. Followers follow strict rules. Famous IFB members include the Duggar Family. Women and men have conservative and traditional wardrobes. Women are baby making ovens and do not work outside of the home. Men reign supreme in the IFB.

Heffner’s IFB community is small and serves a rural county in North Carolina. He will be held in Rockingham County Jail pending his trial.

The Victory Baptist Church YouTube channel says Heffner is a “Doctor.” If you want to know what they preach, enjoy this little ditty.


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  • Jim Jones

    Where’s my ditty? I was promised ditty!

    I see Pervy Heffner is still listed as ‘Pastor’. No relation to Hugh?

  • Oh crud! Let me relink it

  • Glandu

    Kevin “Hugh” Heffner???

  • WallofSleep

    We don’t need no wrinkled dick pics. Hey! Preacher! Leave those kids alone!

  • Anri

    The Victory Baptist Church YouTube channel says Heffner is a “Doctor.”

    No, VBC, playing doctor does not make one a doctor.

    …now off to have a jolly carbolic rinse…