Is a Secret Group Poisoning The World with Chemtrails?

Is a Secret Group Poisoning The World with Chemtrails? September 12, 2018


Facebook is a candy store filled with crazy groups that support the conspiracy theory movement. I have been covering various topics over the past month. After stumbling into the insane cabbage lady Jillian Epperly, I found myself enmeshed into a world I had no idea existed. Her live stream videos talked about living in the matrix and avoid chemtrails. Her cabbage drink can cure chemtrails. Lucky for you several people can remedy your exposure to chemtrails. Russ Tanner is perhaps one of the largest schmucks pushing the chemtrail conspiracy theory. Not only does he promote the argument, but he can also sell you a product that cures you of all the metals that “THEY” are dumping on us to try to kill us. As I dove into the world of Russ Tanner, I realized there is a whole level of crazy when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Russ is a guy that runs this organization called Global Skywatch. Global Skywatch says they are “chemtrail activists.” The group wants to expose chemtrails to the world. Their ultimate goal is to stop chemtrails from being dumped on people. Now if you aren’t familiar with what chemtrails are, I will give you a little run down.

Lucky for you Global Skywatch will tell you all about them. Chemtrails are the name given to the plumes emitted from Airplanes in the sky. According to Global Skywatch, these are not to be confused with contrails.

Contrails are a trail of water vapor left at high altitudes in the sky from planes. Contrails happen because of pressure changes in the atmosphere, and they are primarily made of water or ice.

Since the practical and logical person would believe that streaks are contrails, Global Skywatch spends their time scaring people to think they are chemtrails. Russ Tanner believes chemtrails are used by a secret multiple government cooperative that wants to control the population.

In a several page rant on his website, Russ outlines all the various illnesses he’s experienced in his life. He attributes all of them to chemtrails. He even moved to the middle of nowhere in Maine to get away from Chemtrails. To his dismay, the chemtrails followed him to Maine. “They” are watching and following Russ.

Russ outlines the symptoms he experienced by chemtrails. Some of the ridiculous symptoms include:

Weight Gain

Oily Skin

Thinning Hair

Ear Wax





Excessive Skin Tags


Heart Pain

Shortness of Breath

Russ even had a heart attack that he blames on Chemtrails.

Because Russ is not a conspiracy theorist at all, he decided the root reason for the symptoms were from the chemtrails. He believes he’s being poisoned on a daily basis by various metals that are dropping from the sky. After he spends pages outlining his suffering by the pesky chemtrails, he provides his theory for why chemtrails are being used by governments:

  1. Mercury is the cause of a significant portion of disease in the world today.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies are profiting from the very same diseases they are causing.
  3. Mercury is (probably) being sprayed in a petroleum base over populated cities with the intent to lower population through sterilization and death. Aluminum and barium are probably being sprayed as well.
  4. The governments of a number of countries are working together with pharmaceutical companies to accomplish depopulation through the use of chemtrails.

For the good Christians to believe Tanner’s conspiracy theory, he also offers Biblical proof of chemtrails. Like any good doomsday prepper, Russ points to passages from Revelations to prove his point that chemtrails are in the Bible. Instead of trying to explain his insanity, here are words straight from his webpage:


Now if you were able to get through those images without your brain blowing up, I will give you a run down. Russ believes oil companies, Big Pharma, and vaccines are the “sorcery” discussed in the Book of Revelations.

Of course, Big Pharma and Vaccines would make an appearance in a chemtrails conspiracy theory!

Makes perfect sense to me.

Russ can’t provide any scientific data or proof for any of his claims. However, he does have people test and track their soil for heavy metals. Tanner runs a YouTube channel, podcast, and has a Facebook Group with more than 169,000 members. Perhaps the most surprising aspect in all of this for me is the number of people that follow this man and believe him.

If you are worried you have to join the Facebook Group to read the posts, Russ made sure the group is public for all to see. I’ll share just a taste of what you can expect to find from his followers:

My personal favorite is the one that says vaccines caused Hurrican Florence. I mean that’s believable, right?

With all this work Russ does you might wonder if he is trying to sell something to his followers. You bet your bottom dollar he is! Tanner has an entire portion of his website to help people detox from the heavy metals falling from the sky. Since Tanner believes we are all poisoned by Mercury, Aluminum, or Barrium, he offers his followers the opportunity to purchase supplements to detox the metals out of their bodies.

Tanner is a distributor for Nature’s Sunshine a Multi-Level-Marketing company based out of Utah. He even suggests specific supplements like Magnesium Complex and Potassium to fight chemtrails.

Since Big Pharma is drizzling us with chemicals all day long, the rational solution is to purchase herbs and supplements from a vitamin shop. Sounds super legit!

You might be wondering if chemtrails are even real. While Tanner paints a picture of a global conspiracy by evil companies and governments, there is no truth to any of his words.

A survey of 77 scientists that are experts in contrails to find out if there is any merit to the chemtrail conspiracy. 98.7% of the scientists said there is no evidence of a large-scale atmospheric program. The panel was also reviewed samples of soil, sediment, and snow from collectors that claim the samples were high in metals from chemtrails. Alas, the scientists determined natural phenomena, not chemtrails could explain 80-89% of the metals.

The Keith Group at Harvard, a group of scientists that work on climate science and technology, points out the improbability of a widespread conspiracy to dump chemicals.

“If there really were a large-scale program dumping material from aircraft at the scale described, there would have to be a large operating program to manufacture, load and disperse materials. If such a program existed at the scale required to explain the claimed amount of chemtrails, it would require thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of people. It would be extraordinarily hard to keep such a program secret because it would be so easy for a single individual in the program to reveal it using leaked documents, photographs or actual hardware.

Moreover, if such a program was intended to cause harm to their fellow citizens—as is alleged by people who believe in the chemtrails conspiracy—then people working in the program would have very strong personal motivations to reveal it.

We don’t trust that governments will always do the right thing, but we do trust the goodwill of individual who take risks to blow the whistle, exposing government misdeeds.”

In Summary, Russ Tanner is a wild conspiracy theorist. He determined that chemtrails have caused all his ailments. To make money, Tanner sells his sheep  followers vitamins to fix all of their illnesses. In order to keep it Biblical, he makes sure to point to “sorcery” in the Book of Revelations. However, for the hundred thousand plus that follows him, the truth is chemtrails aren’t real. Atmospheric changes leave water and ice in the air when planes fly over.

Sorry conspiracy theorists, but this theory is officially debunked.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    What possible motive would ‘big pharma’ have for wanting to kill us? If they are giving us diseases to make us want to buy their cures, it would be in their best interest to KEEP a large population.. If I wanted a planet full of slave sheeple that would do my bidding and give me ooodles and oodles of $$$ , the LAST thing I would do would be to KILL THEM OFF. Instead what we have is a crooked BS peddler selling the stupidest people a load of crap.

  • Russ Tanner believes chemtrails are used by a secret multiple government cooperative that wants to control the population.

    I’ve always wondered why the same nefarious conspirators who are hypercapable enough to invent mind-control chemicals as well as get them secretly spread into the air above the target population would have no problem with these insidious chemical traces being fully visible to the naked eye. How come the urgent need for utter secrecy appears to end with the physical implementation of the evil plan itself?

  • Right? these are questions for the the rational mind, shem!

  • agreed. But he can taste the chemicals in the air!

  • chemical

    It’s wildly inefficient, too. From a chemistry perspective (actually a functioning brain perspective), look at crop duster airplanes. They tend to fly pretty low, because when they drop chemicals they want the chemicals to actually land on the crops. If chemtrails were an actual thing, then crop dusters could fly really high and coat an entire state. That would be a huge boon to agricultural regions. So why don’t they do this? Because it’s all part of the chemtrail conspiracy? Or because no one in these regions is concerned with turning a profit?

  • Brad Feaker

    Russ outlines the symptoms he experienced by chemtrails. Some of the ridiculous symptoms include:
    Weight Gain
    Oily Skin
    Thinning Hair
    Ear Wax
    Excessive Skin Tags
    Heart Pain
    Shortness of Breath

    Yup – must be chemtrails. It certainly couldn’t be because he is an overweight, out of shape, anxious, grumpy, depressed impatient whacko with bad skin, hair loss and cardio-pulmonary disease from a sedentary lifestyle. Nope – chemtrails.


  • Good points!

  • My thoughts exactly

  • some bastard on the internet

    The governments of a number of countries are working together with pharmaceutical companies to accomplish depopulation through the use of chemtrails.

    Jet aircraft began commercial use in the late 1950s/early 1960s, when the world population was ~3 billion.

    Our population is now ~7.6 billion.


  • I know they really screwed this one up!

  • So my brother and father in law believe the Elitist Globalists are conspiring to use Monsanto (Roundup pesticide) and GMOs to poison a good part of earth’s population for population control. And Big Pharma is around to sell medications to the sick but also poison more people. And fluoride in the water supply is to lower our IQs and make us compliant (my father in law only will drink Poland Spring water and my brother has a special tank in the kitchen that filters fluoride, etc from the water).

    Now the Elitist Globalists oppose Trump because he isn’t one of them and is going to save the USA from the clutches of Globalists. Keeping out immigrants, keeping manufacturing in USA, strengthening military, making sure citizens can have all the guns they want – these are ways Trump will save us.

    They insist I buy organic foods to feed them when they visit. (And no they aren’t healthier than I am, not by a long shot). Both are conservative Christian’s and hard core Republicans, pro life, pro gun, anti LBGTQ equality.

    I kid you not. They believe this. WTF.

  • Zetopan0

    “Russ Tanner believes chemtrails are used by a secret multiple government cooperative that wants to control the population.”

    And he even has “proof”! Look how crazy those vaccines in the chemtrails have made him!

  • Zetopan0

    Notice that he purposely left out *insanity*!

  • TinnyWhistler

    It’s frustrating because there are valid critiques to be made of Big Pharma, Monsanto, and even widespread use of unlabeled GMOs
    (I know someone who has a list of food allergies a mile long and was only able to get a particularly pervasive digestive flareup to settle down when she cut out GMO corn, including the corn starch used to tabulate most pills. Her working theory is that she has some sensitivity or allergy to one of the newer proteins in the corn, but she’s admittedly only an anecdote and certainly no reason to ban GMOs outright)

    It’s hard to offer those critiques though because the loudest voices also criticizing them are the Alex-Jones types, which it sounds like your brother and FiL are.

  • Yes, there are plenty of valid critiques for sure. But the massive conspiracies? Eek. My FIL and brother both follow Alex Jones.

    People can have various food allergies and sensitivities, and everyone is different. I am glad your friend found what causes her distress. That can be difficult

  • Perhaps. But none of these are being sprayed by planes to kill us

  • Jim Jones

    Sugar kills more people than chemtrails.

  • Jim Jones

    Trump because he isn’t one of them.

    He’s the epitome of ‘them’. He is their greatest enemy. His daddy was as bad.

    Fred Trump’s story is extraordinary, because he managed the difficult jump from rags to riches.

    Donald Trump went from rich to even richer (maybe), which is more easily accomplished.

    Of his father, Trump writes: “he did very well building rent-controlled and rent-stabilized housing in Queens and Brooklyn.”

    Essentially, Trump’s father found a government program that provided funds for private builders to build housing for lower and middle income people. Trump writes that his father “got a loan of $10.3 million from the Federal Housing Administration” and then built the required houses, Shore Haven Apartments, for about $1 million less than that.

    There was nothing wrong with taking advantage of a poorly-designed government program. Indeed, it was a stroke of brilliance.

    The error that most people make when they try to get rich is that they try to be the best competitor. But if you want to get truly rich — as rich as Trump — that’s a mistake.

    Almost no one can win every time in free and open competition.

    But because Fred Trump was building houses for a government program, there was no competitive response.

    If you achieved that kind of margin in a competitive market, you can bet that you would attract other players, and soon wouldn’t be making any money. But the US government housing program wasn’t a competitive market, and it kept on overpaying for houses. And Fred Trump kept on building them.

    Fred Trump was doubtless hardworking and smart, but more importantly he had found a cash cow, and a way to milk it, and he kept on milking it until he was “one of the biggest landlords in New York’s outer boroughs,” as Trump writes.

  • TinnyWhistler


  • Jim Jones

    > What possible motive would ‘big pharma’ have for wanting to kill us?

    None. What they really want is to find a new ‘viagra’. That shit was a monster discovery of all time for pharma – and I believe it was based on government research.

    “Viagra Just Turned 20. Here’s How Much Money the ED Drug Makes”

    “Viagra brought in about $1.6 billion in 2016 global sales. It had some of the fastest prescription uptakes and sales growth of any medication, ever, after its launch, pulling in a cool $2 billion in annual sales by 2008. That means it’s well into tens of billions in revenues since the 1998 debut.”

    $60 a pill? I suspect it would be profitable at $1 for 20.

  • TinnyWhistler

    Yep. It’s the conspiracy bit that’s a problem, not any criticism of the thing itself.

  • Yes!

  • Trump owes all his success to his dad.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    And yet i can visit porn sites for free. Heck, I can just use my imagination. Or um… nvm..

  • WallofSleep
  • Shan

    My biggest issue with any and every deep state government conspiracy is that, if they haven’t been paying attention, our government is kind of crap at doing basic stuff. If they can’t even manage to properly do what they should be doing, why should I believe they’re competent enough to not only pull off these major hidden operations, but keep it all a secret.

  • I would love to expand on this. My son has government benefits. We have SO MANY issues just getting things done – it takes MONTHS to get paperwork approved. It took 6+ months for them to determine his disability. Under no circumstance do I believe they have the capacity to work with other countries with no one knowing. Especially given the cheeto with loose lips that is our president

  • Ari Asulin


  • Raging Bee

    Why worry about secret poisonings when there’s plenty of large and well-known companies OPENLY poisoning our land, air AND water, for decades (and in some cases centuries)?

  • Raging Bee

    Every sprinkler-rainbow in the suburbs is a sign from God!

  • Raging Bee

    And his Russian sugar-dad.

  • YES!

  • Oh yes!