Jillian Epperly Banned From Facebook For Hate-Speech toward LGBTQ

Jillian Epperly Banned From Facebook For Hate-Speech toward LGBTQ September 14, 2018

For all the Jillian Epperly trolls and detractors, today is Christmas in September. Jillian went on a Facebook warpath against the LGBTQ community this week. In a series, Facebook updates she outlined her utter detest for anyone that has sex outside of procreation purposes. Numerous people reported her for comments for violating the hate speech rule within Facebook’s Community Standards. Facebook answered swiftly with a 30-day ban on Jillian’s profile.

Jillian is known for her incoherent rambling. Often the ramblings are a “google” science lesson she is providing her sheeple followers. While most of the statuses contain outlandish claims for cures, most of them are not overtly offensive. Over the past few days, Jilly girl got a little bit feisty with her attacks.

Tuesday afternoon Jillian made a bizarre status about people have sex. She believes that anyone that desires sex is mutated and dying. According to Jillian, the healthy body doesn’t need to have sex.

Why do I get the feeling that Jilian is bitter and angry? This specific diatribe appears to be a love note to her husband about laying off on the sex. I should also mention Jilian is a woman in her 40s without a child. She may also have resentment for either not having children or trying to justify her choice to be childless.

After posting her love note to her hubby, she wrote a status to her legion of minions about an upcoming interview. Jillian booked an appearance to sell shill her book on a YouTube channel. The channel Non-Sequitor requested her interview. Jillian accepted the booking with little knowledge of the group.

However, nothing can get past genius  evil Jillian. She took the time to go to their YouTube Channel. Upon her trolling of channel’s content, she realized they hosted LGBTQ topics. When she made this realization, she promptly canceled her interview.

After she canceled her appearance, Jillian seemed to unravel a bit. For the record, the show did go on without Jillian on Non-Sequitur. The group invited Jeff Holiday to step in after Jillian backed out.

Then everything kind of went insane on Wednesday. Jillian got a little narcissistic and grandiose and compared her protocol to innovators like Tesla and JPMorgan.

My guess is she listened to the show and didn’t like what she heard. She gave a disclaimer about the negative press related to her protocol. She also targeted her favorite nemesis “Bald Doctor” or Dr. Phil.

Apparently, Jillian couldn’t let it go because only a few hours later she was back with another ridiculous update. She expanded on her detest for CBD oil, Dr. Phil, and really anyone that is a legitimate medical provider. Our favorite narcissist believes her protocol is the answer to the world’s problems. Her followers are consistently instructed not to trust anyone but her.

By late afternoon the crap hit the fan, Jillian unleashed her anger and ire at the LGBTQ community. Clearly, she was still reeling from the Non-Sequitur interview debacle. In her rant, Cabbitch compared individuals in the LGBTQ community to pedophiles and individuals that practice bestiality. Additionally, she called them mutants that need her protocol to save themselves. Her tongue lashing didn’t stop with the LGBTQ though. She also went after people that have children.

Basically, she believes gay people are so mutated that they still want to have sex for procreation. However, she feels their bodies are so broken because they chose to have sex with the same sex partner. In her twisted and deluded mind, the sole purpose of sex is procreation.

She doubles down though and adds in anyone that has a lot of children. Jillian reminds them that having children doesn’t mean a person is healthy. In fact, she believes they are on a death trajectory. Jillian believes people on her protocol will live forever and won’t need to procreate.


Sounds like a super healthy person, right?


Anyway, I digress. The last update was the one that had everyone reeling. Tons of people reported this post for hate speech. Facebook reacted quickly to the reports. This morning they handed down a 30-day ban to Jillian for hate speech against the LGTBQ community.

She updated her website and internal forum with the following status:

Fear, not Jillian minions she wants you to know she can still read your delusion love notes to her on Facebook. She can’t post or respond.

Over the course of the past few weeks, we have watched her slowly start to unravel. More and more she is showing all of us how unstable she has become. While the ban from Facebook is only for 30 days, the ban still provides many of us a needed break from her hate-filled speech.

I guess that the next ban will be a permanent one by Facebook. Remember to check back with her profile on October 13th. Additionally, keep on reporting her videos and posts on YouTube.

There is no place in the world for the hate and discrimination she posts.

For now, Facebook is a little calmer and safer with Jillian gone.

Thank you, Facebook.

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  • WallofSleep
  • Raging Bee

    Dr. Phil is a joke, but he’s a better joke than this loony idiot.

  • Thanks! I didn’t come up with it – but it’s perfect

  • Raging Bee

    “Talk to the [grossly oversalted] leaf!”

  • Yeah, I hate Dr. Phil. But in this case – I side with him.

  • Jennifer Nicole

    You know, there are plenty of reasons for a woman to have issues or pushing agendas than anything having to do with whether or not she has children. Even if having children is for you, it isn’t for everyone, and it’s rather sanctimonious to assume that you know better than them. And I’m saying this as a pregnant woman myself. But I also have childfree friends and they’re not messes like Jilly (or if you want another mess who has had kids, see Tila Tequila or Kat von D).

  • Emma

    You could have easily made your speculations as to why Epperly may be bitter without adding a “common saying” that disparages all women who are childfree by choice or circumstance.

  • Alice Reddy

    There’s enough to lambast this charlatan about without making derisive and derogatory remarks about childfree people in general. It may well be that she’s bitter about being unable to have kids and is attacking those who do as a response, but that in itself is no excuse for you to be as bitter about childfree people as it seems she is about those who aren’t. What are you, five years old?

    She’s a homophobic charlatan responsible for at least one death and a stroke, she sells snake oil, and she loves hate speech. That’s enough material. There is no need or reason for you to make blanketed statements that mock childfree people as a whole in an attempt to discredit Jillian.

  • Raging Bee

    Dr. Phil may be knowledgeable and qualified in his stated field; but if you’re having him deal with your problems on his TV show, then you’re not the paying customer, which, in itself, means he’s not really paid to serve YOUR needs, which in turn means you really can’t trust his advice. (Do you think he’s gonna give you a non-standard recommendation on TV, like “yes, it’s okay to be poly and pagan” of “yes, it’s okay to have affairs once in awhile if you and your spouse agree to it” even if he sincerely felt it was the right thing for you?)

  • Raging Bee

    Shouldn’t she have been banned for dishonestly hawking dangerous products long ago?

  • Tuna

    Um, is she drinking her own Jilly Juice? I think it’s doing something to her thought processes.

  • Raging Bee

    Well, they do say jillin’ could make someone insane.

    Oh wait, that’s not what you’re talking about? I’ll come in again…

  • I think so too! Too much salt can damage the brain

  • Yes, but she’s not selling anything other than a book

  • Jim Jones

    This played in my head reading that.


  • Ha! This is highly entertaining news.i don’t follow her but I like posts like this to keep me informed!

  • She’s already in legal trouble for the quackery

  • I will always keep you informed of the quacks! Many of my readers love these articles. Which is part of the reason I write them.

  • d’Monique

    As a childfree asexual individual I promise you all, we’re not this crazy. ^^’

  • Yes, I know you aren’t all this crazy. I think some of her angst is related to her status – but I have no idea how much. She is also a woman that believes she is a scientist based on reading Google.

  • bluedye33139

    She seems nice.

  • Otto

    Ummm…everyone alive is aging…she is a complete loon.

  • I know. I say this to myself everytime she talks about “death trajectory”. Life is one BIG death trajectory.

  • BridgetD

    Salt poisoning affects the brain and nerves, so maybe.