The Sneaky Way A Church Sells Illegal Medicine in the United States

The Sneaky Way A Church Sells Illegal Medicine in the United States September 17, 2018


Photo Courtesy of Jim Humble’s Facebook

After publishing an article on Amazon’s sales of Miracle Mineral Solution, we received an interesting tip that connects the Amazon products to Jim Humble. Jim Humble and his church The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing sell Miracle Mineral Solution or sodium chlorite. The church says sodium chlorite is the miracle cure-all for all ailments and diseases. The products are not legal for sale for internal consumption in the United States. However, a business based out of Florida Keavy’s Corner is linked to the products and Humble’s church. Keavy’s Corner seems to be supplying products to sellers on Amazon and eBay that live close to church leader Mark Grenon.

Amazon sells a product sold by seller Miracle Health. Miracle Health sells part A and part B to make Miracle Mineral Solution.

Keavy’s Corner makes the bottles sold on Amazon. The Amazon seller does not provide the company location. However, they do have a product description that helps consumers understand how to use the product.

On eBay, another vendor sells the same products. They use the same product description as the seller on Amazon. The primary difference is that the eBay seller lists their location in Sarasota, Florida.

Given the fact that both the eBay and Amazon seller use the same product description, there is a high probability they are the same seller.

‘The products they are selling come from a company based out of Lake Placid, Florida. The company, Keavy’s Corner, is an internet-based alternative health provider. On their website, they state they are an approved supplier of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing and Miracle Mineral Solution. Their site carries the approved supplier badge provided by Genesis to all companies interested in selling their products.

For a company to receive approved supplier status through Genesis II Church, they must apply through the Genesis website. Keavy’s Corner is not listed as a “trained” provider through the Genesis website. However, the website notes that anyone can sell their products. Keavy’s Corner charges a fixed price for their products. In order to be an approved provider, the vendor must only accept “donations.”

While they do not seem to be affiliated directly with Genesis II as an MMS provider, they are a regular MMS Supplier. The vendors on eBay and Amazon reside in Sarasota, Florida. Lake Placid and Sarasota, Florida are approximately 4 hours apart.

I believe the eBay and Amazon sellers are purchasing or receiving products form Keavy’s Corner in Lake Placid. They are turning around and using a more well-known retailer like eBay or Amazon to sell the products.

Our investigation gets interesting we start to dive in deeper to if the Genesis II church has connections to Sarasota, Florida. Interestingly, Archbishop and co-founder of Genesis II church, Mark Grenon resides near Sarasota in Bradenton Floria. In fact, the two cities are only 30 miles apart.

As I searched through Mark’s Facebook profile, I wanted to see if he had any connection to Keavy’s Corner. In order to find the relationship, I visited a website that allows searches for companies registered in the State of Florida. Through the search, I located the owners of Keavy’s Corner as Stephen and Kathy Pardee in Lake Placid, Florida.

After locating the owner’s names of Keavy’s Corner, I searched Mark’s Facebook friend’s list to see if either of the owners were his friends. My hunch was correct because I found Kathy Pardee listed as Mark’s friend.

Since Mark lives in Bradenton only a short distance to Sarasota, I believe someone within Mark’s network or Mark is selling Keavy’s Corner’s products via Amazon and eBay.

In 2015 the United States government convicted a man in Washington, Louis Daniel Smith, of selling Miracle Mineral Solution. He received a 51-month prison sentence after the court determined he took part in a conspiracy to defraud and sell products illegal for human consumption.

The Government determined he set up a fake “water purification” company to sell the sodium chlorite. However, he instructed his consumers to use the products internally.

In Florida, the seller on eBay and Amazon as well as Keavy’s Corner, do not explicitly say to use the products internally. However, all three vendors mention Jim Humble’s protocol for using MMS. Jim’s protocol consists of oral and enema use of MMS in the body.

Amazon and eBay sellers recommend the purchase of a book written by Jim Humble. Keavy’s Corner lists benefits of using MMS in the home. They assert that MMS can kill HIV, Influenza A, E Coli, and Hepatitis along with hundreds of others. Keavy’s Corner suggests using MMS as your all-purpose cleaner. They do say they welcome “any” use of the MMS that is not listed on their website.

As I spent time on Keavy’s Corner website, they provide hazardous disclaimers for using sodium chlorite internally. Their disclaimers indicate inhalation can cause permanent damage to the lungs. Also, skin exposure to the sodium chlorite can cause burns, irritations, and rashes. Finally, the disclaimer says internal and oral use can cause vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, nausea, internal bleeding, and ulcers.

Why is an Alternative Health company selling a product that can cause burns, lung damage, and internal bleeding?

While Keavy’s Corner does not explicitly say to use the products internally, they market they are a supplier for Genesis II. Genesis II Church DOES suggest the internal and topical use of MMS for customers. A website hosted by Genesis II Church, MMS Testimonials provides of people using the products by adding the bleach to food.

Keavy’s Corner with the help of the Genesis II Church and the possible cooperation of Mark Grenon, are selling Miracle Mineral Solution online under false pretenses. As noted above, Louis Daniels is currently in prison for running a similar scheme in Washington. The FDA has warned consumers not to use Miracle Mineral Solution for treatment of any diseases or ailments.

How long will it be before the FDA or FBI are knocking on the door of Keavy’s Corner in Florida?

We will have to wait and see.

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  • “Sacramental MMS Protocols” -unless their sacramental protocols include NOT ingesting this chemical compound, then they are pretty worthless. Praying won’t help…..

  • Yeah, and the amount they recommend using is dangerous.

  • chemical

    Regarding the image from Jim Humble’s Facebook page that says “SC + HCl = MMS”:
    Um, HCl isn’t citric acid. It’s hydrochloric acid, which is really not the same thing. Both these chemicals are quite dangerous to use. The reaction with citric acid and sodium chlorite produces chlorous acid, which is a great disinfectant that rapidly breaks down. It’s supposed to be diluted in water and then you spray food with it. Since the chemical breaks down, by the time the food is sold it no longer has the acid on it.

  • Cozmo the Magician

    And I thought homeopathy and that kinda shit was bad. And least that crap wont actually HARM somebody (other than them using INSTEAD of real medicine). This is somebody selling POISON as medicine. What kinda of sick fucking evil bastard would do this knowing you are making almost 100% sure you don’t get repeat business.

    I’m beginning to think these people should be looked as potential serial killers.

  • Yeah, these people are awful! They call it medicine. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pushback you get from parents that use it on their kids. It’s horrific

  • Yeah, he sells it willy-nilly and tells people to take it internally.

  • This is beyond the scope of just illegal. It is apparently a harmful substance. It should be investigated and stopped.
    As a footnote; there is another TV ad claiming fantastic and irrational results and that is the scam run by that ignorant evangelical asshole, Peter Popoff and his “Miracle Water” — and he needs to be stopped and arrested for fraud too.

  • Oh I need to research this!

  • Barbara Baldwin

    So…what is it and why are you selling it? Sounds like Drano…

  • towercam

    It looks like your article is designed to help people get these chemicals. Why did you do that?
    Have you reported this ‘church’?
    Is this your first article? Sheesh!

  • No!