Jillian Epperly’s Critics are Motivated to Stop Child Abuse

Jillian Epperly’s Critics are Motivated to Stop Child Abuse September 17, 2018

Jillian Epperly is in the midst of a 30 day Facebook time-out for her rant filled Hate Speech last week. Her ban has given a calm Facebook has not had in months. For her part, Jillian has taken to YouTube to lash out at every media network that has covered her story. While she throws dirt at the various publications, she fails to understand the reason behind her bad press. Jillian believes her protocol is a medical revolution. However, her protocol contains dangerous levels of sodium. Further the juice causes massive diarrhea that can and has lead individuals to deal with severe dehydration. Jillian urges and pushes parents to use the protocol on their children. Critics feel she persuades parents to abuse their children by poisoning them with salt.

Thanks to my sources I have screenshots that show how Jillian pushes and markets her protocol to parents. My sources are her fierest and most resilient critics. They are motivated to stop Jillian from harming any more children.

Jillian created a files section where she gives doses to parents. However, her dosing is not scientifically tested. In addition to her pleas to the parents to try the protocol, she also gave them warnings. There is little question that Jillian understood her protocol could be a target for CPS complaints and abuse allegations. She attempted to temper these fears to her followers:

Parents that believed in her protocol discussed issues that arose, feeding difficulties, and adverse reactions. Adverse reactions the children experienced are frequently referred to as “healing symptoms.” One mother whose young child had a feeding tube even shared starting the protocol for her child.


Jillian’s recipe for her “juice” is 2 cups of water, 2 cups chopped cabbage and 1 TBSP of Himalayan salt. Her recipe makes 2 cups total of the juice. Each serving of her protocol contains approximately 1.75 grams of sodium per cup. The recommended daily intake of sodium for an 18-month-old child is .8 grams of sodium per day.

When the mother fed her child ten tablespoons of the juice, her child drank 2/3 cup of the liquid. In 10 tablespoons of Jilly Juice, the child consumed 1.14 grams of sodium. The child got more .34 more grams of sodium they needed during their entire day in that small amount of juice. The child ate about 3/4 teaspoon of salt in one sitting.

That amount of salt in a young child can cause considerable damage. A mother in South Carolina recently poisoned her 17-month-old child with one teaspoon of salt. In 2016, the University of Utah warned parents of the risk of too much sodium in a child’s diet.

“Hypernatremia is the medical term for salt poisoning. It refers to high levels of sodium in the blood, which draws water out of the cells. The earliest and most common symptom is thirst. Other symptoms include fatigue, dry mouth, and restlessness. As the condition worsens a patient may have an increased heart rate, muscle spasms, or seizures. In severe cases coma, brain damage, or death may occur.”

Children are at risk of salt poisoning at relatively low levels of sodium compared to what an adult can tolerate.

Critics of Epperly assert that every time she recommends the protocol to a parent, she is risking a child being poisoned to death by salt. Due to this fear, parents within her group were reported to CPS for medical abuse of their children. Jillian understood the danger but still pushed parents to use her protocol. However, she told them to no longer post their questions publicly

Parents became less visible in posting their questions about their children as they started messaging Jillian privately. Every so often a post popped up that concerned her critics. Perhaps the most concerning post they have seen to date is a mother of a tube fed child. She shared that her tube-fed child would be starting the protocol soon.

Jillian asserts that her juice cleanses the body of candida. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body. For most people, this will create thrush in the mouth or itchy/patchy rashes on the skin. However, the natural health world singles out candida as being the source of all disease and cancers. Many medical doctors and scientists caution people that candida as an overall health condition is a fake illness.

Even though candida isn’t real, many people deeply entrenched in the natural health world believe it’s harming them. This mother thinks the root of her child’s disorders is candida. Generally, a child that has a feeding tube has underlying health issues and may have various chronic illnesses. Gastroenterologists monitor and prescribe diets for children with feeding tubes. No medical doctor would recommend giving fermented/salty cabbage to a fragile/ill child.

While Jillian asserts her juice is safe, all the science and data says her juice has dangerous levels of sodium. Her juice causes people to have violent diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. When people experience these symptoms, she tells them they are healing. However, the body is reacting to an overdose of sodium and purging rather than healing.

Jillian may believe that her critics are jealous of her success. However, most that we’ve spoken to say the reason they fight relentlessly to stop her is to protect innocent children from harm and death. Children have no choice in the matter, and parents are forcing their children to drink the juice despite their refusal.

Critics assert they will fight until Jillian can no longer harm children.

How long will it take them to stop her?

We will have to wait and see.

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  • WallofSleep

    Holy Hell! I had no idea just how delusional these people are. I feel sorry for their children because even if their parents stop poisoning them, the kids’ lives are still in the hands of abject morons.

  • Michael Neville

    She’s pushing sauerkraut juice.

  • Lizard

    We’re rightfully focusing on the health detriment to drinking this stuff, but a part of my brain is still ruminating on how disgusting it must taste. And I like sauerkraut!

  • Jennny

    DD worked as a researcher in the NHS. One topic she studied was fake illness. She found some jaw-dropping examples. FB groups told her of an outbreak of skin-rashes because our underwear is made in dirty factory conditions in China so we should sterilise it first. Forget where the hysterical outbreak of maggots popping through the skin was alleged to come from. I hadn’t realised how powerful the opposite of the placbo effect is! ‘Big Pharma’ which is keeping many of alive, operates in our free market economy so needs to find chronic conditions that are not too debilitating but require their medications for years….but I’d still go down their scientifically evidence-based routes for my ailments. All power to your elbow in your campaign against this awful woman’s products.

  • Yeah, it’s truly mind-boggling the illnesses they believe they have. This group also believe they have parasites. They share photos of their poop and describe the worms. It’s gross. Big Pharma may have it’s issues. But their science and research keeps my child alive. Had my son been born in the 1970s – he would be dead by now.

  • Yeah, fermenting takes more than 3 days. So I imagine this has to taste like salty mold

  • It’s more than sauerkraut though because it’s not fermented or pickled. She only ferments for 3 days – which is not enough time to actually ferment anything.

  • Jennny

    Yes, I’ve said exactly the same, the illness I had 3yrs ago and was cured by modern medicine would have killed me in the 1970s.

  • persephone

    I always wash new clothes before I wear them, partially because, yeah, they’re made in factories and tossed around by a lot of people, and who knows what’s lurking in a factory, but also because they often have preservatives applied to them. I’ve gotten some nasty rashes, but just rashes.


    I have more about Himalayan Salt …… https://www.pinksaltwall.com/