Mother Uses Sippy Cup to Poison Her Toddler Son to Death

Mother Uses Sippy Cup to Poison Her Toddler Son to Death September 22, 2018


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A Pennsylvania woman is in jail following the death of her 2-year-old son. Authorities in Bucks County say that Jennifer Clarey of Tullytown poisoned her son to death with Vicodin. Police found the body of the boy on August 25th. The following day police executed a search warrant on her home. They determined the mother poisoned her son by dissolving Vicodin into his sippy cup.

On August 25th, police responded to a child welfare call at the home of Clarey. When they arrived, they found the boy lying dead on the bed. Clarey appeared to be intoxicated and uncooperative with police. Blood covered the bed by the boy. Police then noted that Clarey had self-inflicted wounds on her wrists.

Authorities transported Clarey to a local hospital for treatment. The following day police executed a search warrant on the home. They found a lock-box containing hydrocodone in child-proof bottles in her name. Investigators also confiscated Benedryl from home. They located a bloody knife and razor blades in the kitchen.

An autopsy released September 10th on the boy indicated his cause of death was an overdose of Hydrocodone and Benadryl. The autopsy report showed no apparent signs of trauma. The child, Mazikeen Curits, did not have a prescription for the hydrocodone. When they determined the medication given to the child belonged to Clary, they charged her with murder.

A man that is said to be in a relationship with the mother was seen leaving home earlier the day of the murder. He told police that the child was alive when he left around 9:30 am. As police pieced together the timeline, they believe the child had been given the sippy cup mid-afternoon on the 25th.

Authorities believe the mother gave her child the fatal mix of medication via his sippy cup.

In a statement, the District Attorney discussed the use of Vicodin in the murder,

“In fact, it’s incredibly rare, if ever, that Vicodin – an opioid painkiller – would be prescribed for a 2-year-old. Plain and simple, this was a murder, and the weapon was the pills that came from this bottle.”

Fox 29 of Philadelphia said in a report that prosecutors for the case have not provided a motive.

Clarey is currently at Bucks County Prison. The court is holding her without bail. There is no information on the date of her first court appearance.

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