Church Youth Leader Charged with 109 Child Sex Offenses

Church Youth Leader Charged with 109 Child Sex Offenses September 28, 2018

Today in Pennsylvania police arrested a man on 109 counts related to child sexual abuse. Allen L. Price was arrested at his Quarryville home this morning. The indictment of Price is related to the abuse of 5 underage female victims. According to reports, the abuse occurred when he volunteered as a youth group leader at Grace Bible Chapel near Rising Sun, Maryland.

According to a report on Delaware Online, the abuse occurred during activities related to the youth group led by Price. The victim’s ages range from 11 to 16 years old. Maryland police did not provide specifics on the dates of the offenses. However, they did say the crimes occurred between 1987-2001.

In a statement, Maryland police said the investigation began in 2017. The statement read, “An extensive investigation has been underway since, with assistance from the Cecil County State’s Attorney’s Office, the Cecil County Child Advocacy Center and allied law enforcement agencies.”

A Cecil County Grand Jury indicted Price on Thursday with 109 counts.  The charges include five counts of second-degree child abuse, 41 counts of second-degree sex offense, three counts of third-degree sex offense, 49 counts of fourth-degree sex offense and 11 counts of second-degree assault.

Maryland police stated Price had ties to churches in Delaware. They are seeking to speak to victims from Quarryville, PA, and Lewes, Delaware. Authorities said the investigation is on-going and have urged victims to reach out to their local police.

Price is currently held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He will face a magistrate in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Once completed, Maryland police will extradite Price to Cecil County for processing.

With the investigation on-going, there is a probability of additional charges being added in multiple states.

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